New PS4 Trailer Boasts Critical Acclaim, Calls it "The Best Place to Play;" Shows Games Aplenty

Sony Computer Entertainment released a new trailer for the PS4, boasting some of the accolades received by the system from critics across the board.

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AceBlazer131673d ago

This year is gonna be so sweet. Can't wait to try out that Destiny Beta.

XiSasukeUchiha1673d ago

Pretty much hits the dots that I was going to say:)

Conzul1673d ago

Yeah same here. I'm gonna give Destiny a serious shot. And if it fails, maybe House of Duty.

Remastered Mp though will have me surely for several years.

Magicite1673d ago

Playstation - best place to play since 1994!

DanielGearSolid1673d ago

The metal gear mission isn't exclusive anymore

0P-Tigrex1673d ago Show
HaHa_Ostrich1673d ago

Damn, this makes me want to buy a PS4. But still so many PS3 games I have yet to play. I must shorten my sleep cycle or quit minecraft.

caseh1673d ago

Keep playing your PS3 for another 6 months at least.

I made the mistake of selling my PS3 to make way for the PS4. Drought doesn't even begin to cover how starved you will be of games after being spoilt with the PS+ offerings on the PS3.

I've resorted to my yee olde soft-modded wii, honestly that's how bad it is at the moment.

Sloth-Eater1673d ago

So true. I'm glad I've held off. Was meant to get one at release, but gf wanted an expensive puppy lol needless to say it's proving enough fun until I buy this fall. Can't wait though, and e3 will just boost my hopes.

hellzsupernova1673d ago

I sold my ps4 and built a gaming pc

GuruMeditation1673d ago

@hellzsupernova good for you, but I have no idea what that has to do with a PS4 trailer. There is PC news on N4G, maybe you'd be better off there. Unless this is an e-peen thing for you, in which case I'm wasting my breath...

theDivision1673d ago

There are games to play. Not nearly as many as the PS3 I will grant you but I do not find myself stuck in a drought.

marlinfan101673d ago

if you want a next gen console go with the xbox and pick up the ps4 at the end of the year. I've had the xbox since day one and the ps4 for 2-3 weeks and i still play the xbox more. not that the ps4 is bad, theres just a larger variety of games on x1 right now. i know the fanboys will jump on me for saying that but indies dont interest me so Ive just been playing the show and infamous

mayberry1673d ago

I sold my 360 and kept my launch 60g ps3 and love Killzone on my ps4. I still have my old 360, might get titanfall for it from the bargain bin....

XisThatKid1673d ago

I still play the @#$% out of my PS3 after my PS4 purchase. This trailer makes me feel good for buyin a PS4 no joke.

nix1673d ago

true.. my fat PS3 gave in and i had a choice between a new PS3 or a PS4, i picked up a PS3 because i knew i was going to get lot's of games off PS+. i'll pick up PS4 in a year's time.

don't let go of your PS3 people!

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nevin11673d ago

As it stands, the PS4 is more for the social media crowd type. That's why the big 1.70 update was called the social update. The Xone is probably worst.

The PS3 is still the best place to play.

minimur121673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

My ps4 is a Netflix machine at the moment, but now that I've finished a Avatar the last airbender, I've started on The legend of Korra, the successor to it. Its not as good but still awesome :)

EDIT: The legend of Korra isn't on Netflix, Iplug my laptop into the TV through HDMI and watch it through there

hankmoody1673d ago

Funny because I absolutely love my XB1 and all the stuff it does. You don't really hear people saying there's a drought of games on it either like a few others on this thread are saying about the PS4.

GarrusVakarian1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Drought of games on the PS4?

What are you talking about?

Now that im pretty much done with Titanfall, i don't even know when the next time i'll have something to play on my X1 will be. I am most definitely going to go through a drought on my X1 now, especially with Watch Dogs releasing next week, which im getting for PS4.

iceman061672d ago

I think that people are just reacting to the fact that neither console has a large catalog of exclusives at this point. However, the games argument is simply ridiculous. There are 40+ games available for Xbox One and 60+ for PS4. If you can't find something that fits your gaming needs in those two clusters, you probably shouldn't have become an early adopter or possibly a gamer at all.

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