Third-parties must let go of last-gen at E3 2014

Dealspwn: "This year's E3 needs to be about placing the new consoles front and centre, for all concerned. Not just for the platform holders themselves, but third-party publishers and indie developers too. The PS3 and Xbox 360 have glittering back catalogues, but it's time for the creatives and the businessmen to make the jump from last-gen to this one. "

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AceBlazer131609d ago

Wasn't the PS2 still getting games till recently? Trust me, don't hold your breath waiting for last gen to get the boot.Just hope they can put the effort into next gen. At least Ubi and WB are on the right track.

FuzzyPixels1609d ago

It's not so much about fully abandoning last-gen, more that devs need to be focussing on the new consoles rather than worrying about "feature complete" identical versions across the divide. It's about porting down rather than porting up, shifting primary focus to the PS4 and the Xbox One and then worrying about last-gen versions. It's the only way we'll start seeing games that tap fully into the power and potential of the new consoles.

KonsoruMasuta1609d ago

Devs don't care about you seeing games tap into the power of your next gen console. They want money and cross gen titles appeal to a wide audience.

Why people seem to think developers would suddenly stop trying to make money is beyond me.

styferion1609d ago

The thing is, not every third-party has the fund to survive the jump to only make next-gen version or to make multiple versions of a game simultaneously.
Sure, the ones with mainstream audience like AC, GTA may survive if they decide to only make next-gen version, but what about smaller studios like say, ATLUS or NIS, can they make enough profit making a game only for mere few millions install base? does every owner of this few millions console a niche genre fans that will buy their games?
Sure, if they make a game for next-gen maybe that'll make fans buy the consoles, and in turn buy their games, but how long until that turns into profit?
What should they do in those profitless time? Cease all action, make their employee take leave and then comeback one or two year later when they have accumulate enough to start making another game?

elhebbo161609d ago

It was only Fifa I believe.

Dark111609d ago

Yeah this .. I'm just glad that Arkham knight and Witcher 3 are for current gen only.

and hopefully fallout 4 and Mass effect 4 too.

user56695101609d ago

yeah wouldnt it be smart to support last gen consoles for this whole gen, especially since they are running games in HD

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MarkusMcNugen1609d ago

I left N4G a while ago but wanted to comment after reading this article on feedly. I couldn't agree with the author more. Cross-gen parity is killing the PS4 and Xbox One. Being an owner I obviously want the best versions for my money. However its become quite clear the install base for both consoles are wanting more than has been delivered in the last 6 months.

Its like focusing software releases for Windows XP and then porting up to Windows 7. While it may be compatible and works great on both, its pretty much a 100 percent certainty the ported up version will not take advantage of the new ecosystem.

I hope devs will start doing what the author suggests more and more. It would increase sales for both consoles, while providing an incentive for consumers to upgrade.

GameTavern1609d ago

Financially, I don't see what's in it for 3rd parties to not treat all versions as semi-equals. There's still a much larger install base on last-gen hardware

TheSaint1609d ago

Too many people still own one of the last gen, not going to happen for a while yet.

Eonjay1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Technically, they don't have to let go of anything. All they have to do is create content for their audience, no matter where it is. These are the foibles of being an early adopter. There are million of people who aren't playing the same system as you. As such you have to wait for the audience to migrate before full attention is paid to your device.

What you really want is for more gamers to make the transition to next gen to decrease risk of supporting that hardware.

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