Wolfenstein: The New Order Price More On Xbox One Store Than PSN For PS4 [UK]

What exactly is the pricing strategy of Bethesda?

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Mikelarry1435d ago

Both are still rip off prices for digital version when you can get a hard copy for cheaper or around those prices

jackanderson19851435d ago

same price in ireland really... gamestop and xtravision both selling it for 69.99 here which is the digital price

Septic1435d ago

Yeah digital prices are ridiculous. They really need to be cheaper

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Volkama1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

£34.99 on Steam. Probably ~£18 in the summer sale and <£10 around Christmas :)

Not trying to be the PC snob, just interesting to compare the digital marketplaces. There is no good reason for Steam to be so much cheaper than PS/MS online stores really, Valve like money too...

djplonker1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

pc hardware is around double the price of consoles

console games cost around 30% more than pc

No one is really saving all that much in the end...

Volkama1434d ago

For sure DJ, but Valve get no piece of that. Across all platforms the money is in the software and services.

I have bought ~50 PC games this calendar year. I have bought... I don't think I have bought a single console game actually. Most of those purchases are driven by good prices.

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jackanderson19851435d ago

should be noted this only really applies to the UK... same price in Euros

Christopher1435d ago

I updated the title to make this more apparent. Thanks.

Grindlefly1435d ago

We always get ripped off in the uk

PS4 games in stores usually go for £54.99 which is $92.53
Online retailers quite often go for £40 but that is still

Why o why1435d ago

Nice avatar. . .

Online prices make little sense for now.

ThatEnglishDude1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Maybe they thought if you were stupid enough to buy an Xbox One, they'd get away with charging more, too.

...sorry. I await the impending flood of disagrees from overly sensitive fanboys. But in all seriousness, Bethesda/Microsoft dropped the ball. It'll most likely be addressed before the day is out. Sucks though. I agree with @MikeLarry. It's just easier to go with retail still.

Volkama1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Or in more realistic terms, it's probably an error.

When the 2 consoles launched there was some minor outcry because EA's games cost about £8 more on the PS4 than the One, and EA blamed Sony for the difference. Then retracted the statement. Then matched the prices.

Would sure be interesting if one of the platform holders slashed royalties in order to make sure all games are cheaper on their ecosystem.

mrmarx1435d ago

53 dollars in US with ps plus lol

BX811435d ago

Yeah I thought about it but for me I'm just going to trade it in once I'm done with it so digital wasn't for me on this one.

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