Diablo III PS4 Next-Gen Gameplay Trailer

Gamer Headlines writes: A new trailer for Diablo III on the PS4 has just landed showing off fresh gameplay for Blizzard’s upcoming action RPG. This is one of the first looks we’ve had for a while since its epic delay. The trailer doesn’t show any multiplayer action but we know that Diablo III will support 4-player co-op both online and locally.The Game will be released as Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition with extra content.

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stavrami-mk21640d ago

Dat's what ima talking bout"

Evilsnuggle1640d ago

I played the demo version on PS3 it was really fun. I can't wait to play it on PS4.

bobbyab1640d ago

can't wait to get this and a ps4

UltraNova1640d ago

I deliberately stayed off this just to play it on the ps4. Its loooong overdue!!

Adolph Fitler1640d ago

Does anybody really care? It should have launched on PS4, with PS4...this is too little too late....& the worst part is, it looks little to no better than the PS3/360 versions, which is kind of an insult & slap in the face & supersonic kick to the testes to PS3/360 & PS4 owners that were waiting for something FAR superior to this trash... Great game, yes, but those that have already played it, have no reason to "upgrade" (more like stagnate-grade), & those that may have been interested when PS4 launched have probably forgotten about it, & will have far more to spend there dosh on, when the game releases, eventually.

NovusTerminus1640d ago

This game was no real looker on the PC. It's graphics have always been kinda average. And they are not going to rebuild every asset from the ground up again just because it's re releasing again.

That costs millions.

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