GameInformer- Wolfenstein The New Order Review: A New Order Following Old Rules

GameInformer- Wolfenstein: The New Order is a positive step forward for the series after the last dud. Machine Games presents a competent shooter with more polish and a better array of characters, but ultimately the game feels more comfortable recompiling established conventions than it does striving for innovation.

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Shield1669d ago

This is great, can't wait to play it later on today.

MCTJim1669d ago

Hurry up UPS driver, deliver it already!! :D

koolaid2511669d ago

I'm waiting on him to lol.

abstractel1669d ago

Game Informer also gave KZ Shadow Fall a 8.0. I've played enough of Wolfenstein now to know that these two games are not even in the same league. That Wolfenstein is beating Shadow Fall is freaky and really shows no consistency among reviewers. Wolfenstein doesn't even have a MP mode.

Worse graphics/animations: Check
Worse gameplay: Check
Worse AI: Check
No MP: Check

So how do you defend this? I know KZ wasn't a perfect game, I was annoyed at the "pulse radar" mechanic as I found myself stopping all the time to check for enemies but otherwise felt it was a really fun game with fantastic graphics, great AI, a long campaign and great MP.

FullmetalRoyale1669d ago

A review is one person's view on a game. They have more than one reviewer. It's really THAT simple. Don't be a fanboy.

elhebbo161669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

1. Graphics are not worse they look great when I play them at high settings and it looks pretty good on console as well. ID tech also has mega textures (hence why the game was 40 gigs) so the game doesn't repeat textures often, makes it look more natural.
2. Just because you like the typical military shooter gameplay doesn't means other do. In fact I prefer Wolfenstein's approach to it being over the top with the guns and all, reminds me of the good ol' doom and quake days.
3. AI is not that bad, the beta footage you saw with the bad AI was just that, a beta.
4. Doesn't need multiplayer to be good, I dont even know why this is a reason. I rather developers stop stuffing multiplayer in every game and focus more on making the singleplayer better.