Wolfenstein: The New Order PC Low FPS, White Screen, Installation Problem, Crashes and Fixes

Guide4GameS: Wolfenstein: The New Order is now available for PC and Consoles. The PC version has a lot of problems such as low fps, black/white screen, installation problem and many other known issues. Here are the some fixes.

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cfc781340d ago

The so called master race has been hit hard with this 1 glad im console only.

Eiffel1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Because consoles have never had issues, right? Things such as corrupted game saves, firmware bricking, freezing, texture streaming problems, network failures, scratched discs, et cetera have never happened. Just like with consoles these types of issues aren't exclusive by platform. Also this is just a general list of fixes and tweaks for the people who happen to experience these issues, it's nothing wide spread. Often compared to something as severe that occurs on a console the player is completely dependent on the developer to patch the game in order to fix most issues, which is whenever they get around to it.

With PC however, you have numerous fixes to an issue and even fixes done by modders that correct what developers couldn't. Uncapping frame rate on new game releases for example.

SlapHappyJesus1340d ago

A biased statement from a closed mind.
Too bad the vast majority will experience no problems and crap all over said statement anyway.

kingduqc1340d ago

Hit hard? A game at release having issues isn't really a problem.

A problem is when all your games run at 30 fps or below and look like it was made 5 years ago.

cj1pate1011340d ago

Hey mr im an elite console owner because I can't afford a proper gaming rig. Eat your words kid..

GeraltofRivia1335d ago

i don't mind a rare problem with a game launch. please enjoy your games that struggle to run at or close to 1080p smoothly.

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