The evolution of Wolfenstein is actually quite astounding

MMGN writes: Wolfenstein’s beginnings in 1981 show just how far the series and gaming have progressed over the decades. While Wolfenstein: The New Order (which is released today, by the way) takes obvious inspiration from 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D, the series’ first entry, Castle Wolfenstein, is an astonishing look back on the quality of games in the early ‘80s.

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Dannycr1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I used to play Enemy Territory with Dial up :P. LOOOVED that game. It was way ahead of its time.

Its funny how no-one seem to remember that Wolf3d had a sequel named Spear Of Destiny. It was great as well and I though it was harder than the original Wolf3D

BozoLoco1667d ago

It's mentioned in the video embedded in the article.

Dannycr1667d ago

Couldn't see the video (@work) glad they did.