5 Ideas To Save Nintendo

A Bungie developed Metroid? A Sega Pokemon MMO? Nintendo needs savin' and I'm here to do it. I've got 5 ridiculous ideas that could set Nintendo on a course to greatness.

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GoodKingLeo1639d ago

I've been a Nintendo loyalist long enough to know this happens almost every console one needs to save Nintendo; they have a team of people working on it right now. Just stay loyal and speak positively about the games they produce and the things they get right.

I feel pretty confident the Wii U will rebound this year and will actually go on to moderate success.

fatneal1639d ago

exactly. i dont know where everyone is getting that ninendo is dead.

BullyMangler1639d ago

let the sonyFanpies hve some fun. lol lol they so butt hurt at the fact that Nintendo is their daddy.