Watch_Dogs - Xbox One Versus E3 2012 - Same Scene Comparison

WCCFTECH's editor, Ali Naqi, has shared with us a new screenshot from the Xbox One retail version of Watch_Dogs, showing the very same scene that was showcased back in 2012.

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Nitrowolf21643d ago

I feel like thats the 360 version.....

However, th ebuilding in the E3 one looked enterable, now it doesn't or at least they just overlayed the windows with textures.

rodiabloalmeida1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

The funny part is Ali Naqi had to explain the "Ubisoft getting hacked and false reviews" tweet was a joke by writing a Editor's Note in his Watch Dogs Review which got a lot of critics. LOL Some people are really that dumb to not understand a simple nerd joke about a game that praises hacking.

vishmarx1642d ago

Different time + different weather+ same location =same scene

it appears.

TomShoe1642d ago


Just take a look at the street. Look how different the texture is.

3-4-51642d ago

Looks like the same game made by two different dev teams.

* Also one looks like a good last gen game and the bottom screen shot looks like max settings on a PC.

MorePowerOfGreen1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I'm not really understanding the point? Showing the PC (target)version day scene from E3 and comparing it to a XB1 night scene. Desperate for hits?(to say the least)

Don't even know what I'm looking at. Captured live or offscreen etc. is the one of the last places you would wan't to get content related to aynting xbox.

Articuno761642d ago

From what I've heard the version they first showed isn't the PC version. That game they showed simply doesn't exist on any platform. The PC version has some slightly better lighting making it closer to the vertical slice demo but it's not that demo as is.

-The word on the street

Future_20151642d ago

slightly? if u have an nvidia card you can enable HBAO plus, TXAA and physx and the trailer which has direct gameplay captured looked identical or as good as the e3 2012 trailer

corvusmd1642d ago

Well the good news is that both look great. The comparison is slightly weird though, because apparently quite a lot has changed in these screenshot...not simply graphics/resolution etc, but the shape of the curve, set up of the curbside cafe, etc. What would be more telling is an actual comparison of today's PC version to the E3 one and then today's PC to consoles. However, like I said in the beginning, the good news is that so far every version of the game looks great, no issues here.

overlorduk1642d ago

In the first picture the camera is much further back from the character but the character is standing much closer to the curb which makes the shape of the curve look different maybe?

trywizardo1642d ago

the one from E3 is kinda blurry i guess it taken from off-screen or something ... anyhow , the Xone one looks good .

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The story is too old to be commented.