Did Titanfall Live Up To Its Promises?

Sean Halliday if Pixel Gate writes:

''Titanfall came with a lot of hype, especially from Microsoft given the game’s importance to its Xbox One system. “The next big thing in multiplayer shooters,” “the new breed,” “the evolution of competitive multiplayer” – all terms coin to describe Titanfall. With the dust well and truly settled from the game’s initial Xbox One release, did it truly have the impact we were led to believe?''

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Automatic791188d ago

I have been enjoying since March. Safe to say it lives up to promise.

daggertoes831188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I'm glad you liked it. I got bored of it in a couple of days.

georgeenoob1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

8 days playing time and counting. Definitely my favorite FPS in a while. I figure the ones who get bored are the ones who die too much missing the action.

GoPanthers9991188d ago

We miss you. We like easy targets!

ic3fir31188d ago

because you are a newb, good players love titanfall
good players who came from the old vertical fps, love titanfall, and completely dominate.
many do not like the game because they play horizontal, and not take advantage of parkour, or the double jump
Titanfall is like Halo and Gears, only the real hardcore players Multiplayer is going totally love the game.
Less competitive and casual players coming from CoD and BF will find boring

MysticStrummer1188d ago

Ah yes, the implication that if someone doesn't like a game they must suck at it. Some things never change.

TomShoe1188d ago

Awesome gameplay, but lack of game modes and terrible matchmaking really held it back. I hope they can add everything they wanted to add in the sequel.

DLConspiracy1188d ago

Some people are better at the game then others. Sorry you didn't enjoy it.

Kingthrash3601188d ago

Lol...i got bored of it too...not because it was difficult..but because it was too easy. My son put it down after 2days...he said he was too good...smh.
Its really funny how people are saying people got bored because they suck...when all you mostly kill is easy minions and a few pilots...smh. It was fun though...but it isnt hard to be "good" at the game.

DLConspiracy1188d ago


I think quite a few MLG would disagree with you. If it was easy we all would be on MLG.

styferion1188d ago

lol at everyone who bash this because he got bored, it's called a matter of taste guys, opinions..

not everyone who got bored is a mega-newb that got killed every single time, chill, literally every game in existence has people that don't like them, doesn't mean they're bashing the game or the game is bad..

GarrusVakarian1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Lmfao at those guys above me trying to accuse people of being bad at the game because it didn't have any lasting appeal with them.

I have a 3.0 KD ratio against pilots on that game, not MLG by any means, but better than average i guess...and even i got burned out with TF after a couple of weeks. I can't play it for more than a couple of matches at a time, i just get burned out really quickly with it.

It's a great game, but it is pretty bare-bones and pretty repetitive. Once the thrill of calling in a Titan wears off...and once the thrill of mastering the parkour wears off, the game loses a lot of it's charm.

How fast that charm wears off is entirely up the individual. So don't sit there and accuse people of being bad at the game because you're salty that they are saying they don't play it any more. Pathetic. You can even go over to the official Respawn forums and see how many people got bored of it after a short amount of time. There's just not enough substance to the game to keep people playing for long periods of time. It most definitely is not the FPS revolution that the media touted it to bee.


What...a...load...of BS! TF is a casual shooters haven! You are acting like it's a game where only the best of the best will thrive....dude, it's by far the easiest MP FPS ive EVER played, and ive played them all. So no...casual players won't hate it, they will love it, the ridiculous auto-aim combined with the recoil-less weapons makes the game one of the most casual-friendly FPS's ever made. Games like BF and Halo require way more skill than TF do.

r3f1cul1187d ago

i and what i would imagine to be many other people got bored very fast... no one i know still plays it and no one makes vids or streams on twitch at all hardly... just wasnt enough to keep the game interesting to many players sadly

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incendy351188d ago

I tend to not like multiplayer shooters but even I have enjoyed it much more than I anticipated. The vertical layers of the levels mixed with the wall running/double jumping really makes things fun. Also really like the Burn Cards, great way to keep every match different. I have had a lot of fun with it so far.

truegamerkt1188d ago

I think that's the point it appeals to casual Fps fans. To people like myself, it had no staying power. I was extremely bored after a week.

DLConspiracy1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I have about 5 days worth of play. As most people who play the game know, that's actual playing not lobby wait times. So 120 hours seems worth $60 to me. I still don't understand how people can say COD with Mechs. Cause in COD there was barely any verticality. To each their own. I love the game and its gonna take a lot from COD to match my interest with Advanced Warfare.

dale_denton1188d ago

yeah, playing against bots is really that fun

Themba761188d ago

i have it on 360 and im about to send it back to gamefly after 2 days the game annoyed the hell out of me and it's boring

Magicite1188d ago

I think it have already been forgotten by most people.
By the time Watch_Dogs will launch, Titanfall will be history.

3-4-51187d ago

I was bored within 4-5 games of the Beta and never even bothered to play again.

I was REALLY excited for this game too, so you can imagine my disappointment.

I'm really glad that other's have gotten enjoyment out of it though, it just wasn't for me.

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ape0071188d ago

The game is amazing, gameplay pacing is magical which is rare to see in an online game

titanfall 2 has a bright future, make a great campaign, loads of potential there

HugoDrax1188d ago

Be prepared N4G! every time there is an XBOX GAME that is not on Playstation or Nintendo's console, the title of the article will read….

"Did _(Insert XBOX title)_ live up to it's promises?"

This fall you will see the same article, but with a different xbox game in the title :-/

- "Did (Sunset Overdrive) live up to it's promises and hype?"
- "Did (Halo5:Guardians) live up to it's promises and hype?"
- "Did (Quantum Break) live up to it's promises?"

Just look at the disagrees people are receiving just from saying the game is amazing hahaha! Yet when someone states the game sucks and is boring they receive Agrees! What has gaming come to smh!

Palitera1188d ago

So... I am a fanboy for thinking it was overhyped?

Thanks for letting me know. I really should burn my XBox One then. You know, for coherence's sake...

Bigpappy1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

You are over acting comrade. Because your personal feeling is that it is overhyped, does not mean it reflects that of the majority. not every one likes every game. Instead of just saying overhyped or sucks, why not give your constructive reasoning as to you think it fell short of what you expected.

You people are screaming over-hype as though there was not an unprecedented OPEN BETA. You knew what you were getting. If you didn't it was your own fault. People tried the beta then bought the game, jet you are going to come in this tread and argue with people who bought the game and played it to somehow convince them that the game is not as good as they say because you have the whole PS fanbase here to back you up. Get out of here with that nonsense.

Palitera1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

First of all, I'm not interested at all in convincing people that enjoy the game that they shouldn't like it. Nor the opposite. I am an 'enjoyer' myself.

Second, my post criticizes the childish, narrow minded attitude of thinking that people that disagree with you are idiots.

Third, you ask me why I didn't post my reasons for saying the game is not the promised marvel, I answer. Because they are very generic and already present in almost any decent article about the game's achievements and shortcomings. I also don't think they really matter to anyone, but ok, I'll post it.

Pros: it works very well, the map design is awesome, fast paced as it was meant to be, parkour is tight, skill based and needed, the customization is meaningful, it is well balanced. Lots of pros.

Cons: very very barebones, desert playlists, sometimes takes too much to start a game, inconsistent performance, no balance whatsoever between teams (this is the most bizarre probably), too much 'prizes' for anything, bots bots and more bots. And only a few human.

So, it was advertised as groundbreaking, the next step in MP games etc. Well, I don't think it is.

Then again: I'm not trying AT ALL to impose my opinion on anyone. You asked, here it is.

And, finally, I took so long to answer your post because I was... Playing Titanfall. So, yeah, quite good game, but I still prefer MW2, Bad Company 2 and BF4, specially.

/"fanboy" diaries.

GamerEuphoria1188d ago

Stop playing the 'writer is a fan boy' card. There is nothing within the post that is biased towards any system. Get over yourself, and get over your odd cultist devotion lol.

Even from a logical sense, why would a fan boy of Sony/Nintendo (as you are claiming) even own a Xbox One?

HugoDrax1188d ago

Get over myself? No need, I own every next gen console. Just stating what I've noticed from reading articles posted on N4G.

No need to get over myself, but what I stated is my opinion. Just like this article is the opinion of Sean Halliday.

AKissFromDaddy1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Video games can't be unpleasant unless you agree too? Why write that?

I love BlazBlue, but there are people who hate it. Hate. It. It's how they feel.

Personally, I still feel that Modern Warfare 2 is the best FPS I've played to date. People like Killzone more. People like Halo Reach more. Everyone can't equally like the same things. Yet, it's interesting to know what they like and dislike in video games, don't you think?

It's disheartening when you attempt to invalidate someone's opinion against a game on the sole basis that's it's against your opinion. You attempt to destroy any meaning discussion. Stating your case is better. Being civil is better. We can disagree and still be civil,...right? ^_^

You want to troll because no serious comment would make a case for why a game they like is great by preemptively disqualifying opposing opinions.

PS. TitanFall isn't owned by Microsoft, it's just an exclusive "console" like Dead Rising 3 or Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Personally, I like PvZ:GW way more than TitanFall. It's cute and more fun to me. There's co-op and I enjoy that over not having co-op. And TitanFall doesn't have co-op.

shallowpoint1188d ago

Same could be said for Ps4 games then!

Automatic791188d ago

I agree HugoDrax something is wrong with the fan boys on this site, hating because it's not on there system.

BattleAxe1188d ago

This site definitely has a bias more towards Playstation, no doubt about it. However, as a PC gamer, I didn't care for Titanfall.

truegamerkt1188d ago

Sorry I have TF on pc, and it's awful.

Ra30301188d ago

TitanFall did have a hype fest everyday for 9 months before finally it released. The list of things TitanFall was supposed to be was endless. Let's just look at a couple. We were told daily that "Titanfall will change everything" ...humm it changed nothing. "TitanFall, the first real next gen game" it turned out nothing about TitanFall was next gen nothing at all. And then my fav "TitanFall the Call of Duty Killer" .....well maybe that one is true. I'm sure the Call of Duty Developer died laughing. It was over hyped and it should have had none. We knew this game was never gonna live up to its hype. When the only people that are invited to the closed alpha and people that either work at a gaming site that are paid to review games and paid by Microsoft to review TitanFall and YouTubers that sign the don't say anything bad about TitanFall agreement to do a review and get paid..again by Microsoft. This is a problem. This list of issues that TitanFall has is long. With what's it offers in the game it feels more like it was going to be a free to play game then hijacked by Microsoft and sold at $60 a pop and it's not worth half that. If there was ever a game that needs the question ask "did it live up to its promises and hype" that game would be TitanFall. The other games you mention Sunset, Halo 5, Quantum Break have no hype. All 3 combined have no hype.