Dress Up Your Weapons In Call of Duty: Ghosts With Bling, Unicorns, and Koi Fish

MP1st - First on Xbox Live, Infinity Ward has dropped another set of personalization packs to customize your weapons and characters in Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer.

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The_Infected1185d ago

This game is full of the most stupid shit I've ever seen.

crusf1185d ago

Your comments hating on ghosts are getting old Infected. If you hate the game stop clicking on articles and commenting. It's getting old and stale.

objdadon1185d ago

Ghosts does suck balls though! But I can't see how anyone could hate on this game so far.

Utalkin2me1185d ago

Lol @ COD and Lol @ Stupid skins. Sorry but people are morons.

elhebbo161185d ago

CSGO in my opinion has the best system for weapon skins. wtf is this crap?

objdadon1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Well ghosts has been making me miss black ops 2 lately and I went back to watch some of my gameplay, one thing I noticed was that I created so very artistic emblems to put on my guns! That had me reminiscing of how much fun just doing that was! Plus the diamond camo was sick! And you need to lol@ yourself for callingppeople morons for loving to play what they like! You're probably just like everyone else, hate on cod and still buy it! Lol!

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