Rare Firings Show What’s Wrong with the Gaming Industry

From the article, "Kinect Sports: Rivals was supposed to be a big hit. It was not. And thus, Rare had to choose and dismiss 16 employees. And that illustrates exactly what’s wrong with how the gaming industry treats its employees.

It’s not a secret that labor abuses in the gaming industry are endemic. Nor is it a secret that if a game doesn’t perform to its targets, the developer is the one firing people. But in some cases, that’s the wrong move."

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incendy351671d ago

Technically Kinect Sports Rivals missed its deadline. It was supposed to be a launch title and by missing that window it put the Xbox One is a rather bad position regarding Kinect. Also although Tennis is phenomenal, Soccer is pretty broken.

Microsoft spent millions making a game that ended up getting rather poor reviews. I enjoy it, but the overall reaction wasn't very good. If you fail to deliver, many times you will lose your job. That is life.

nicksetzer11671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

15 people laid off after releasing a subpar game shows "what is wrong with the industry?" Yet other companies firing/losing lead devs and large quantities every other week(most mid project) is "normal practice" ... nakes sense.

christocolus1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

“15 people laid off after releasing a subpar game shows "what is wrong with the industry?"

You are right and that cracked me up. Lmao

admiralvic1671d ago

How is this different than really most jobs out there?

You work in sales and despite being a great sales person and trying your damnedest, if you have a terrible month or two you can bet you will be out the door or on thin ice. Same is true if you make a bunch of sales on paper that ultimately result in the company losing money. It's not technically your fault they didn't / can't pay, but you'll still get blamed all the same.
You work in an office and you're tasked to work on something you don't care about and you try your best and it isn't good enough. I got news, they don't pat you on the back and say you'll do better next time, they either warn you or replace your *** with someone who can do the work.

I can list examples endlessly, but there are plenty of jobs where you might have gotten dealt a bad hand or in some cases did your job perfectly fine, but you're still out the door because of someone else's choice. I mean, thats literally just life and nothing unique to the game industry...

maniacmayhem1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

"If publishers started putting more executive jobs on the line, we might not just experience a little schadenfreude, but get better games."

A double edged sword right there. While agree 100% that there is definitely wrong doing in the video game industry, if more executives jobs were on the line we wouldn't see not one new IP ever.

We would see even more of a recycle of triple A titles than ever before.

It sux that some folks at Rare got laid off and definitely puts it in your mind that Kinect is on its way to an early grave. If MS shipped this as a launch title as intended maybe..MAYBE this game would have been more of a success.