GameStop Nixes PC Game Client, Slashes Prices on PC Games - Mass Effect Trilogy Only $10

Hardcore Gamer: Gamestop has nixed its PC game cilent and have opted to just go with Origin and Steam support. To celebrate, they've got a massive sale on some top-level games. There are some seriously crazy deals to be had here.

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Eonjay1674d ago

Sounds like a deal to me.

Prime1571674d ago

As a former Gamestop employee, no good deal is good enough for me to support them again...


Orpheo1674d ago

Whole-heartedly agree with you, Prime. I only shop there now when I ABSOLUTELY have to, like recently when I bought my used Vita there because I wanted a 1000 model and they were the only store in my city to seemingly have one (and only one).

Thing is, the other employees are usually great, it's the corporate nonsense that makes the company feel like it's being run by ignorance in a business suit.

3-4-51674d ago

Why? They've always been good to me, and it's the only Video Game store I know of that I can walk in and find a somewhat rare game from a few years back and purchase it as a physical copy and go home and play game on THAT SAME DAY.

* Best buy, Target, wal-mart, they don't have anything other than the most popular 20 games & mostly kid/disney games.

F4sterTh4nFTL1674d ago

Mass Effect Trilogy at $10 is a steal, I spend more than a combined 250 hours on the single-players of all 3 Mass Effects and I played Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer alone for more than 2 years and the spend thousands of hours in it. It is a must get series if you don't already have it.

TheTowelBoy1674d ago

Hey do you know if there's any rumors of the 4th showing itself at E3? ME ENTHUSIASTS UNITE!

F4sterTh4nFTL1674d ago

Since it is rumored to be releasing around spring 2015 so I am pretty certain it is going to be at E3 2014, at least I hope so.

CerealKiller1674d ago

This is the beginning of Gamestop's future as a digital reseller.

Prime1571674d ago

Doesn't Gamestop own impulse?

I worked at a Gamestop for two and a half years until January '14... I always directed people to impulse as that was the word of mouth amongst employees...

I don't know, I won't shop at gs or anything owned by them ever again....

Mega241674d ago

Oh damn, ME trilogy only $10!!! I need a better pc!

ValKilmer1674d ago

Buy now, get a better PC later!

jdktech20101674d ago

I'm trying to save money and then they go and do this.

I'm so tempted to get ME Trilogy for 10 bucks and Far Cry 3 for 7.50.

Kavorklestein1674d ago

Do it. I Love Far Cry 3. It's so giant and has so much to do and see. Beautiful game world if I ever did play in one, and the animals to hunt will sometimes attack you when you are busy trying to kill another human, and it scares the shit out of me every time! And the water, the sharks, komodo dragons, cassowary, and tigers make for a never dull game that is still impressive to this day.

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The story is too old to be commented.