Far Cry 4 Will Always Sometimes Leak E3 – Vlogging About Video Games

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Here’s my week, as well as the week in gaming noos. Let’s vlog about video games."

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Baka-akaB1344d ago

Will always sometimes ? Ok you win the "let's try titles like Days of Future Past" contest .

ThichQuangDuck1344d ago

Always Sometimes Monsters is a game coming out tomorrow

Heisenburger1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Lol I like oddball titles such as that.

Baka-akaB1344d ago

I see , still a pretty weird title if you dont know that

ThichQuangDuck1344d ago

Yeah it is a weird title because it is a combination of things,but it gets the attention and comments and clicks so weird works. Always Sometimes Monsters actually comes out Wednesday damn

Belasco1344d ago

75% of the time, it leaks every time.

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