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5 Changes Nintendo Needs to Make to Pokemon

Muaz from Twinfinite writes: "The Pokemon franchise has been going strong for almost 20 years. Throughout that entire time, the core gameplay and story has remained pretty consistent. You travel around the region battling other trainers, catching (increasingly weird and disturbing) Pokemon, earning badges, and eventually working your way through the Elite Four to become Pokemon champ. While I can see how Nintendo has stuck to the mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” it may be time to think about switching it up a bit and adjusting the gameplay." (3DS, Culture, Game Freak, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Pokemon, Wii U)

kirbyu  +   370d ago
The caption on the picture of all the starters is so wrong.
Blank  +   370d ago
I agree so just out of curiousity what would be the proper order of best to worst? I been out of pokemon since GBA sapphire also I wonder how would everyone else order them?
-Foxtrot  +   370d ago
HM's need to be removed in my opinion. It's better to let the player acquire tools that house the same effect. This is Pokemon where their tec is very different to ours.

Flash - A Flash light
Cut - A portable small axe
Rocksmash - A hammer/drill
Surf - A small unfolding raft, they have unfolding bikes
Waterfall - Come on, a water Pokemon who can surf can't go up a waterfall

I think Surf and Fly need to be retooled aswell. I think it's silly that a Pidgy can use fly to move you around despite being a tiny bird or a Azurill can get you across the water.

I know it would restrict you but at least then it would make a little more sense. If they added the Surf idea for the raft for example then it's only Fly where you would need to get a large flying Pokemon to carry you around.

I hope we see a region in the next game based on the UK. I think that would be pretty awesome.

The only thing I really want to change gameplay wise when travelling is maybe zoom out a little bit. The new look to X and Y zooms in way too much to your surroundings, I kind of miss the looking down view in the older games where you could see a lot of the map at once, it made it seem..."spacey"
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KonsoruMasuta  +   370d ago
"I think Surf and Fly need to be retooled aswell. I think it's silly that a Pidgy can use fly to move you around despite being a tiny bird or a Azurill can get you across the water. I know it would restrict you but at least then it would make a little more sense"

The Pokémon world doesn't need realism. This is a world where creatures have powers and batlle each other, they do things that are impossible. Plus, it has been established they smaller creatures can do amazing feats. Ever see the the episode of Pokémon where Ash's Squirtle pulled him across a body of water despite being significantly smaller? What about the ones where Misty used her Staryuto do the same? Being small doesn't mean much of anything in the Pokémon universe.

Plus, why would they want to put restrictions on players?
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-Foxtrot  +   370d ago
I have never seen a small bird such as a Pidgy move a player around in the Pokemon TV Series...if I did then sorry it would look silly.

The only time I've seen Ash hitch a ride of any kind has been on the back of a Charizard for example

I suppose I could give you the Surf Pokemon but even still I don't see what's wrong with a unfolding raft or boat.

"Plus, why would they want to put restrictions on players?"

I think your over exaggerating a tad man, it's not going to restrict you that much.

Even if instead of Fly they add a fast travel button where it would fade out and it looks like you've walked their instead would be better. If you have a strong flying Pokemon then it would use the animation of a Pokemon flying you their instead.
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persona4chie  +   370d ago
They can't because nintendo doesn't make pokemon games game freak does
fatalis95  +   370d ago
More than one save file?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   370d ago
Considering the data limitations of the cartridge and the sheer amount of stuff in the games now?

It's a nice thought, but I don't think it's really practical....unless the next Pokemon game [after the Ruby/Sapphire remakes] is entirely digital-only...
OtakuDJK1NG  +   370d ago
defeat the purpose of it being personal.
killerluffy123  +   370d ago
Make a new story with side quest , thats the only thing I always wanted since sapphire LOL
kobzus  +   370d ago
I always wonder what happened to becoming a pokemon master the games never focus on that smh. I wish the did.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   370d ago
Pokemon Master are Champions in Game
kobzus  +   370d ago
I understand but there two different things in the show.
lizard81288  +   370d ago
Going in all of the regions would be a pain though. The wild PKMN levels would be stupid high. A wild Rattata wants to battle, level 100.

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