A Kinect-less Xbox One Signals the Death of Motion Gaming

Hardcore Gamer: Microsoft’s debut of a Kinect-less Xbox One cuts the ties that motion controls had to the current generation of gaming, ultimately conceding to the world that the waving of wands and flailing of arms simply isn’t worth anyone’s time or money anymore.

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ValKilmer1667d ago

And nobody anywhere grieved.

miyamoto1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


@ 6:42

But the PS4 will make motion gaming cool again. That I guarantee.

With Media Molecules 3D Game Creator game.

morganfell1667d ago

So Kinect was it's saviour?

Ghost_Nappa1667d ago

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Army_of_Darkness1666d ago

Not the death of motion gaming.. Just the end of kinect. I want more move support cause I enjoy some off-time rail zombie shooters as well as sports champs with the GF now and then.

Xbot12141667d ago

thank you, consoles like wii U should die, what happen to being a lazy fat ass n enjoying your games without having to lift an arm up

AWBrawler1666d ago

wii u doesn't use motion that much. what are you smoking? i play most of my wii u games, lazily in my bed

AngelicIceDiamond1667d ago

@Val not really.

Kinect, 3D gaming and are all optional now. But its funny because ppl always wanna jump ship on to another device.


There's a market for all these but it will never overshadow core controller gaming.

MysticStrummer1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

"it will never overshadow core controller gaming."

I think once VR quality and price hit a mass market sweet spot, that combined with motion gaming will bring on the next big gaming revolution. A controller with buttons will still need to be used though, and actually it will probably be a controller for each hand. Not a glove exactly but something the player doesn't have to actually hold.

So, I agree it's not dead it just hasn't been done right yet, other than the Wii but that was mainly due to a huge explosion of casuals who have since moved on. For it to be done right it will have to benefit core gaming in an obvious way.

Imalwaysright1666d ago

"will bring on the next big gaming revolution." If you want every game to a FPS or a racer. I myself like variety.

SaffronCurse1667d ago

Do the oculus and Morpheus count as motion games? If so it's not entirely dead.

CrowbaitBob1667d ago

Your head would technically be in motion for the head tracking involved, but I don't think that counts as motion gaming any more than moving your thumbs on thumbsticks counts as motion gaming.

Oculus and Morpheus are all about immersion through eliminating outside distractions and allowing you to look around in a 3D environment naturally as if you are actually there, all while still using a standard control method that you're already comfortable with. It promises to be far more intuitive and consistent than attempting to replicate specific predefined hand/arm/leg/torso gestures instead of pressing a button.

AngelicIceDiamond1667d ago

@Saffron I'm talking about technologies that suppose to "change gaming" and yes that was the initial buzz word at Nintendo's countless conference, Sony's 3D/Move control and many at MS conferences.

Nothing is dead its just that it will always take a back seat to core controller gaming.

Pogmathoin1667d ago

Nice post Val, then first to comment to push your fanboy have not even used it....... Much like your profile name, you amount to nothing.....

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corvusmd1667d ago

Not so's very likely that AR/VR tech will need a motion tracker of some sorts to measure head movements and such. It appears people writing these and believing them haven't fully looked at the big picture. Anyone seen a project Morpheus demo lately? Is that gaming? Does it involve Motion?

denawayne1667d ago

I mentioned before how MS could announce an AR/VR device at E3 that works with Kinect. So while just recently announcing a Kinectless Xbox One appeases the people who were never buying an Xbox One in the first place, an AR/VR device would put the Kinect back in the spotlight.

MightyNoX1667d ago

You know full well project Morpheus uses a regular controller and no motion (save for head trscking). Please shill better. I feel bad for your employers that you're not putting in any effort.

DrJones1666d ago

You got a lot of disagrees there.

amnalehu1667d ago

Meanwhile the PS4 cam is sold out.

amnalehu1667d ago

The PS4 cam was sold out for weeks and still is at some of the larger retailers. It is in much higher demand than ANYONE including Sony imagined it would be. Disagreeing with facts does not change reality.


Target online out of stock:

ats19921667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@ Amnalehu

Just because they are sold out in those places doesn't mean its sold out everywhere. So you might want to get your facts straight.

BG115791667d ago

Same here. Still didn't manage to see one in several stores where I live. The PS4's cam seem sold out.
Could they hard to produce or something?

MasterCornholio1667d ago


Can't find one anywhere here in Spain except for this one place where they are selling it for 100€. I can't believe the cameras are selling so well.

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CrowbaitBob1667d ago

Meanwhile nobody is using the PS4 camera for motion gaming. So what exactly was the point of your comment?

darthv721667d ago

not yet. but you do know why the light bar is on the controller...right?

that is the move tech built in for the games that will use it. they are coming MM is making one as well as a few others we will likely see this year at e3.

So dont write off the idea just yet because what is available doesnt appeal to you. chances are there will be something that peaks your interest.

CrowbaitBob1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


Well, if you believe the Sony reps, that light bar on the controller is every bit as much about Morpheus as it ever was about Move.

In the end there has always be a niche market for motion gaming dating back to the NES powerpad and even earlier. So yeah, it may never completely die. But right now there are too many consistency issues and learning specific arm and hand gestures is just silly as a replacement for a simple button press.

The current popularity of the PS4 cam simply has very little to do with any promise of future Move support.

Edit: Are we really pretending that Twitch doesn't exist on PS4 and all of these PS4 cams are selling out like crazy because of some assumption that maybe some day there will be a killer app for Move on PS4?

amnalehu1667d ago

There are 17 million people with the move. The PS4 cam has sold well over 1 million units and is is still in high demand; so much so that some major retailers are indeed sold out of it. Sony has VR in current development which uses the cam and the current motion controls.

The last time I looked MLB 14, Sports Friends, Just Dance, Playroom, Octodad are indeed games, so to say that "nobody" is using the cam for gaming or to imply that no one will use it for gaming is not accurate.

The point of my comment, exactly, is that the fact that Microsoft is un-bundling the Kinect from the XB1 DOES NOT signal the death of motion gaming. It signals that they (MS) probably never should have bundled it with the XB1 in the first place and no realize the error and are trying to correct it.

Chevalier1666d ago

The point is if there is a high penetration of the market that owns the camera then it will be a viable option to include features using camera or making a game for the camera. Especiallyif there end up being more cameras than kinects out there.

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WickedLester1666d ago

People are buying the camera for streaming and voice commands. NO ONE is buying it for motion gaming.

SpideySpeakz1666d ago

Most people used those cams for live streaming themselves on Twitch, not for motion gaming.

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XiSasukeUchiha1667d ago

Wii and Wii U still counts as motion gaming! so it's not the death of motion gaming!

deafdani1666d ago

While what you say is true, motion controls have taken a backseat on the Wii U, big time. It's not dead, but it's definitely toned down.

Anyway, I think the Gamepad is, overall, a much better implementation for gaming than motion controls ever were. I hope the NEXT generation of consoles all have Gamepads included natively. We would see a big change in game design if that was to happen.

madjedi1666d ago

God no, you can keep the gamepad i don't want that for either the next ms or sony system, nintendo can keep that dead weight.

I would rather not valuable silicon budget wasted on a stupid gimmick that going on almost 2 yrs, has yet to justify it's existance.

masterfox1667d ago

kinect was crap period like or not, Kinect wasn't even the start of motion gaming. that thing was horribly unresponsive, if we go to the MOVE controller by Sony that thing was responsive 1:1 go and see some videos in youtube if you think I'm trolling. The problem with the move controller that it didn't have a proper game that uses its capabilities so thats why it failed.

darthv721667d ago

the glowing orb on the move is what made it responsive. It gave the camera something easy to fix on and track. Now unless Ms was planning on releasing mo-cap vests for people to wear then the kinect was never going to be as accurate as if it had something to really focus on.

the lightbar on the ps4 controller....yup that is move tech built into the controller for the ps4 camera. Seems sony was going after motion gaming as well this gen and not just MS.

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