NBA 2K15's Newest Addition Will Help It Sell Worldwide

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"If you know me as a gamer, there's one thing that I love and that's a solid basketball installment. With that in mind, NBA 2K14 for the PlayStation 4 has been one of my most played games since the console's launch back in November. With the addition of a new engine, beautiful graphics and a great revamped MyCareer mode, the people at 2K Games created something pretty damn awesome. Witht that being said, there were some holes in it. Bugs, server issues and other minor things were prevalent in the game in the past six to seven months, but one of NBA 2K14's biggest problems has just been solved with 2K Game's announcement."

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771666d ago

It's awesome that there will be european basketball teams. Nice addition 2K games.

3-4-51666d ago

Some of those Euro Teams aren't that bad, and some of those countries and match up well against the US.

Basketball around the World is catching up to the NBA faster than people think.

kanyewesting1666d ago

They had them last year too..the European market doesn't matter as close to as much as the American.

If there's not better servers, updates, and improvements I hope Live returns with a vengeance because 2k has begun to mess up.

Sayburr1666d ago

VC killed the game for me. Players don't earn enough VC to up a character's skill level in My Player. It would take several seasons of playing to get a great character.

Players have to earn VC outside the game OR purchase them.

koolaid2511666d ago

$20 bills take care of that lol.

Blachek1666d ago

You earn plenty of VC. You can play 1 season and have a player that is on par with the best in the league.

What ever happened to people investing time for a proper reward? It shouldn't be immediate gratification for everything, what fun does a game with character development aspects become if everything is available all at once?

Sayburr1666d ago

I played a full season and never got a decent player out of it. I didn't expect to get to the playoffs in the first season...

No, I have to disagree, when playing NBA 2k12 I had a very good player by the end of the season, by the end of the second season I had a great player and a playoff run.

NBA 2k14, by the end of the first season I had a player that was not much better than the player I started with...

Baka-akaB1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I doubt so . While a welcome addition , EU and worldwide fans of basket are still mostly invested and interested by the NBA . The lack of a few other european teams wasnt the issue

"Ask many non-US gamers and they’ll tell you they don’t care about the NBA. They have their own leagues and players that they care about."

Had to chuckle there . The general eu public that is into basket , actually mostly if not solely care about the NBA . It's the league with the top players , even their own national heroes

nevin11666d ago

2K gameplay has been more flawed compared to the Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox era.

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