Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Turn Off Your DualShock 4 When Not In Use

GearNuke: "The DualShock 4 unfortunately has a much shorter battery life compared to the DualShock 3 controller. Another issue with the controller is the lightbar, which can cause issues when it is being reflected on the TV screen."

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zeee1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I am going copy/paste a comment from the source website blow. To be honest, I didn't know anything about these features:

"andy • an hour ago

Oh dear, sorry mate but this the VERY first thing I found out on my own the first hour I started my PS3 over 7 years ago. Did you know that you can change the visualisation on the PS3 music yourself by tapping the right analogue stick left or right? Did you know that ALL PS3 consoles, regardless of model no. or revision, can play PS1 discs from that consoles region? Did you know that you can use the SIXAXIS motion controls to manipulate the "sparkles" on the default PS3 menu since the 3.00 FW update released in Sep 2009?"

Props to Mr. Andy for sharing the information.

isthe1495d ago

is the PS1 disc thing true?

zeee1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

^ Yup... also what's with the stealth disagrees? Xbox trolls be gone please!

minimur121495d ago


I'm literally going to boot up my ps3 now to do this.

XisThatKid1494d ago

Yes the PSone thing is true and the only thing I didn't know was the sparkles thing. Good to let everyone know though. As for the DS4 thing I'm sure it's the hold the PS button thing for like 7 seconds or something. You can do this with PS3 as well, funny thing is I didn't know this until after PS4 launched. I didn't have an HDTV so I relied on remote play for like a month until I bought another projector. I just intuitively knew that would work :) once that worked I tried it on my PS3.

darren_poolies1494d ago

Or you could just, you know, hold down the button for 5 seconds go to "Adjust Devices" and click turn off controller.

dontbhatin1494d ago


And what if you arent in the input for your ps4 while waiting for a download or something like that, then you can just hold the button instead of switching inputs on your tv just to turn off the controller... No need to be a smart ass here lol

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Mikey322301494d ago

Nobody knew this? been doing it ever since 2007 with my Ps3

SaffronCurse1495d ago

Neat, going to try this when I get home.

Gardenia1494d ago

But why? Pressing the home button and then turn off the controller takes 3 seconds. So why holding it for 10 seconds?

SaffronCurse1494d ago

Still good to know new tricks.

Retroman1495d ago

you welcome Elvis .......... very mucha

gamer78041495d ago

Didn't know this I use the auto off but still doesn't seem to help much

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1495d ago

Nice! I've always just logged out to turn off the controller, this is simpler.