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Is the new Titanfall DLC (just three maps) worth the $10 price tag?

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corvusmd1674d ago

Not by my opinion at all. All three maps are really well done (except I have the season pass so the pack only cost me $8.34). I've spent more time playing and enjoying this DLC than I have games that cost me much more than $10 (cough cough Ground Zeros....looking at you). I've also played this DLC more than I have BF4 or COD since the launch of TF. My opinion is no better or worse than anyone else' but from a GEN 10 with over 170 hours on the game...and SHOULD be bored of it by now...these 3 maps are a blast. 3 maps may not sound like much because we've been trained to expect COD or even BF4 style maps, but keep in mind that most times when they offer 4, one is usually a remake, and out of the 4 you may really only like 1 or 2 typically. ALL 3 of these maps are really well done IMO, TF maps can't easily be compared with other MP maps, there isn't a single one in the game that's even remotely weak.

Just my opinion in case someone wants another one...

Xbot12141674d ago

Just picked it up, 9.99 for three maps? 3.30 for each map that you'll be able to play a lifetime? Come on some of you gamers need to stop being so cheap.

Highlife1674d ago

A lifetime? Until a few years from now when they shut the servers down. I don't think it's expensive but never liked paying for map packs. Like the good old days when they were free and made by the community. Unreal tournament and half life 2 had so many maps.

n4rc1674d ago

Ya.. Can't compare a PC platform..

Its independent of everything.. I can throw up a counterstrike server whenever I feel like it.. I don't need valve for anything..

Same can't be said on a closed platform like our consoles..

I don't mind map packs.. Season passes are another story.. Lol.. 9/10 times I'll be bored of the game before I get half what I paid for

Deadpoolio1674d ago

LMAO love it when people try to justify rip-off DLC $3.30 for each map lol

SaffronCurse1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

$9.99 is a reasonable price for a map pack, I remember paying that much for Halo 3 and Call of duty4+WAW map packs.

RzaDaRazor1674d ago

I tend to think the new maps are the best out of ALL the maps.

DJustinUNCHAIND1674d ago


War Games is my favorite map in the game, including the original 15.

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The story is too old to be commented.