Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Pre-Order Appears at GameStop for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3

Konami still hasn’t officially unveiled Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 besides stating in a tweet a few months back that it’d be on PS4. Now the game has appeared available for pre-order on the website of the Italian GameStop branch, which isn’t too strange considering that Italy is one of the countries where the PES franchise is most popular.

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XiSasukeUchiha1670d ago

Pro 2015, yeah let's play some football!

Qrphe1670d ago

Finally good graphics in a soccer game

UbiquitousClam1670d ago

What happened to this series man, I remember a time when I would choose PES over FIFA as my football game of choice even though PES has a minuscule amount of licensed teams. Then I think it was PES 2008 when all of a sudden there games just took a dive of a cliff in terms of quality. I hope that it can recover and get back to being a real contender to FIFA.

Xbot12141670d ago

Fifa > pes hasn't been good since 2011

Baka-akaB1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Until shown an actual incentive , beyond graphics f*ck no ! And thats coming for someone that so far kept with Pes and always prioritized it over Fifa .

Last time we were shortchanged in every modes and all sort of content , even if you could go past the quality of the game and failed gameplay itself . And let's not forget the horrible handling of patches and dlcs .

I'm not even talking about licenses there . i dont care . Most pes fans know its a lost cause beyong the Champion's league and were "happy" just modding and unofficially patching the game . I'm talking about chunks of the game previously there that's missing and the poor quality of the work delivered

Konami's incompetence and its awful PR team botched it big time in 2014 . Waiting till winter transfert period for summer transfert dlcs among other things ? Holding back all the teams involved in making mods and transfert ...

The big "excuse" this time was the transition to a new developping team and engine . Well it's there , what do they do already ? develop the game still on 360/ps3 alongside a ps4/xb1 ? When they couldnt even handle the ps3/360 on their own and are obviously at the limit and breaking point on those consoles ?

Nate-Dog1670d ago

Indeed. I wanted to try the last one but the butchering of game modes put me off. Either way I did it when I saw it very cheap but wondered why it was so cheap, I could see it anyway from just 10 minutes in training mode. Shooting system was atrocious and it just felt like so many steps back from the last one I played (2011). It seemed like PES could still come back in the middle of last gen but I think the game is over now, and as you say it's down to Konami's incompetence.

Baka-akaB1670d ago

I could see them coming back if they truly focused on a singular next gen version without limitations .

But it's obvious they'll pump two versions of the game , and both will suffer for it

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The story is too old to be commented.