Microsoft has only itself to blame for Kinect's failure

When Microsoft conducts a postmortem on Kinect, it will be easy to blame the sensor’s failure on the fact that it increased the Xbox One’s price by $100. While that may be partially true, one of the biggest problems boils down to Microsoft not giving users a reason to want Kinect.

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Dwalls11711667d ago

Kinect is not a failure, it just should have never been forced. Kinect is actually a very good piece of tech but you shouldn't force people to but this along with their console.. change is a scary thing sometimes.

What's ironic is the ps4 camera is one of the hottest tech items globally since its release selling extremely well.

Baka-akaB1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

There were no real gaming changes , that's part of the issue . Your regular games mostly dont and can't use it , even when bundled and fused by force ...

And the casual games dedicated to it are nothing unseen already on Wii , albeit prettier and sometimes better done .

You can't just sell the promise of change and ultimately have nothing to show for it , not expect some sort of backlash or a few plans backfiring

Godmars2901666d ago

But that is all MS did. Talked about potential while not really showing it.

CJDUNCAN1666d ago

I agree with you Dwalls, Kinect is not a failure. However, it's really not an intricate piece to gaming yet. MS needs to develop a powerhouse AAA game that exclusively uses the Kinect. It can't be a casual game like Kinect Sports etc., it has to be a big time experience.

Of course they will lose money on it with the new SKU releasing without a Kinect, but they have to be willing to lose money in hopes of reestablishing the need for Kinect.

I didn't have the first Kinect but with my X1, I find it a cool piece of tech but it's been useless to me besides auto-sign-in.

Bigpappy1667d ago

I agree with the writer somewhat. If they are going to include the Kinect in the bundle, they should have had a health supply of games that support it right out the gate. But the stuff they released so far was not as good as what was on the first Kinect.

Jdoki1666d ago

I've never owned a Kinect device - but I could see the potential for interesting use.

MS only have themselves to blame for not exploiting Kinect and making it a must-have device... Whether it was for controlling the console / TV, or in games - they never gave (most) people a reason to own it or like it.

Spotie1666d ago

Folks have been waiting since last gen for compelling uses of Kinect in gaming, but while Microsoft has CLAIMED such a thing, they have yet to SHOW it.

So yes, it's entirely Microsoft's fault. Not the fault of consumers who didn't understand the message. Not gamers afraid of change.

Jdoki1666d ago

Agree. This seems like MS's strategy a lot of the time...

They could stop a lot of the rumour and BS if they showed stuff (like secret sauce, power of the clouds, Kinect vital to XB1 etc), rather than keep talking about all this mythical stuff!

mrpsychoticstalker1666d ago

Why people confuses failure with choice? Makes no sense.

Jdoki1666d ago

Because MS stated repeatedly that the XB1 and Kinect were intrinsically linked.

It failed because removing it removes a unique selling point, and going back on their talk of how important Kinect was to XB1. In fact they even said at one point that the XB1 would not function without Kinect.

Choice is good for consumers, but if you are one of the people who choose Kinect are you honestly going to get the same level of support for that device as if it was mandatory?

What incentive do devs have to support Kinect now that it's optional? Zero! So yeah, great choice IF you choose the Kinect-less model.

Gohadouken1666d ago

We all know it only became a choice this time around , when it failed

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