Microsoft: "We are not discontinuing Kinect"

Major Nelson says the decision to unbundle Kinect from the Xbox One was all about consumer choice.

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Applejack1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Well that was obvious. What people are really thinking about is the amount of support the Kinect will get now that it's not required with an Xbox One.

Dwalls11711669d ago

MS is just in a really bad situation overall... you know they had a but load of Kinect TV , voice, and game stuff to show.. so?? Will they still show it? Knowing no one will buy a Kinect now? How awkward will that be. .

What about XBONE UI . It is completely built up and down for kinect. . Now buyers will have to work around a broken UI to navigate their console with no kinect. . This sounds really messy

LexHazard791669d ago

Your too funny man, the controller works perfect dude. You dont need the Kinect whatsoever and UI is still smooth.

Naga1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

@ Dwalls1171

You should really get some hands-on experience with the Xbox One before you go on about the UI, saying it's "built up and down for Kinect". You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

darthv721669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Regardless of the UI being built to work with kinect, it also works with traditional controls. using a dpad and buttons just replaces the verbal/motion commands.

As to the support it will get...

We will see games built with kinect as a secondary input and we will see games with kinect as a primary. Ms had to do this to try and save face. Now I (personally) would love to see them ditch the parity clause as well as 180 their position on user replaceable hdd.

christocolus1669d ago

@d walls

“Ms is just in a really bad situation overall”

How is that? They are not halting kinect production ,and there is still going to be a bundle with kinect for those who want it and you can always navigate the current ui with the controller.that said you should know that they are also working on a revamped ui for those who decide to skip kinect entirely.

Bathyj1669d ago

Naga, maybe hes just been listening to what MS was telling us for the past year. I mean they lead us to believe Kinect was indispensable.

Of cos, that was before they dispensed of it.

morganfell1669d ago

No darth. MS doesn't care about saving face. Do you really thiong they will dump 20 million into a kinect game to save face? No, just no. If they cared about saving face they wouldn't have cut kinect in the first place. This is about survival and for such companies saving face takes a back seat to staying alive.

BG115791668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

This statement sounds like any MS statement : "No, switches can't be flipped", "There won't be any Kinectless Xbox One", "Those aren't the droids you're looking for.".
Believe it, if you want to.

MasterCornholio1668d ago

I had a question about the Xbox One and and its.

The console, in the beginning, was designed to function with Kinect. They spent years of [email protected] and tons of cash to develop the console in such a way that it functions integrally with the camera. Everything from video chatting to the voice commands, login facial recognition is proof of that. With that said where were all the Kinect games?

For a system that was designed to function with Kinect I found it strange that there were barely any Kinect games announced for it.

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bleedsoe9mm1669d ago

probably about the same amount of support that the PS eye gets

PSVita1669d ago

It wasn't getting any real support in the first place...

aceitman1669d ago

I am curious about people wanting it more with Kinect than without. titanfall bundle is at 38 on amazon bestsellers while x1 without Kinect is not on the top 100. not sure if that is a good thing at all ,while it is a preorder ,stuff preordered are on the top 100 ,heck preorders for ouya was on the top 100 for a couple on months before release(even titanfall bundle was) where only 3 weeks before launch on X1 without Kinect.

choujij1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I wouldn't worry about it. The fact that it's not on the top 100, while the TF bundle is at 38 on their best sellers, just means that some people are in for quite a surprise. But like I said, I wouldn't worry about it. lol

XxExacutionerxX1669d ago

I remember when Sony removed PS2 support off the PS3 system to save on cost and to put out a cheaper console. Same thing here, just this time doing so will make people happy knowing that someone will not look at them through the consoles Kinect. Its better to have a choice, because there are people that will not by the console fearing the goverment will be watch them.

Utalkin2me1669d ago

You're comparing backwards compatibility to a intricate part of console like kinect? Kinect was suppose to be the future of gaming from alot of people on here. MS is always good about abandoning things anyways, we knew this was coming. Kind of sad to see MS always do things like this and the consumer always pays for it in the end.

Bigpappy1668d ago

I think loosing backwards compatibility was a much, much bigger deal. Kinect has not gone any where.

headblackman1668d ago

the video game developers don't have to support the kinect in order for it to be a success. it's never been touted as a video games device. it's just another way of tying in your entertainment experience. microsoft and app developers can make the kinect a success without the help of games developers. they will just add extra to whats already great.

GamingSinceThe80s1668d ago

I just read your post in Applejack's voice and not on because I wanted Just started watching MLPFIM a few week's ago.A buddy of mine stopped by when I had it on and I think I lost what little respect he still had for me.I told him the show has a large following of 30 something males who watch it, but I don't think he believed

Magicite1668d ago

Consumers will discontinue Kinect.

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NatureOfLogic_1669d ago

MS also said that Kinect would never be unbundled. Just saying

-Foxtrot1669d ago


Harvey Eagle

"Xbox UK marketing chief Harvey Eagle said Microsoft was sticking with Kinect because the company feels it's "integral to the Xbox One experience"


Microsoft Spokesman

"Thursday 25th Jul 2013"

AKA - Last Summer

"Yesterday, Inside Gaming Daily claimed the company would release an Xbox One sans the 3D camera next summer"

Next Summer - 2014 (

"We have no plans to introduce an Xbox One without Kinect," a spokesperson said this afternoon. "We believe in Kinect and the value it brings to both games and entertainment, and believe $499 is a great value for what consumers receive with their Xbox One."

Super Secret Spy Phil Harrison

"Absolutely no plans at all,” Harrison said when asked if there will be a Kinect-less Xbox One. “We think Kinect is an integral part of our platform. All of the magical experiences that you get, both as a games-player and also the way you navigate the system are made even more amazing because of Kinect."

Major Nelson

"We believe in Kinect and its ability to revolutionize the way people interact with their games and entertainment. Putting Kinect in every box allows all Xbox One users to experience its power. It also becomes a fundamental part of every system sold. When game developers, content creators and entertainment partners can count on Kinect as a part of every Xbox One, an entire world of new experiences becomes possible"

I'm sure Phil Spencer has said the same thing in the past.

MightyNoX1669d ago

He did. Gj for assembling all of these, foxtrot. Have a bubble.

Magnes1669d ago

Yeah gg Fox, MS should be dizzy from all the 180's

MasterCornholio1668d ago

What a way to be dishonest about a product.

NukaCola1669d ago

What will Kinect sell for separate? $150 - 200. A price making the Xbone even more expensive? MS has made it nearly impossible for Spencer to fix this mess. Good luck buddy.

XxExacutionerxX1669d ago

Sony say the PS3 was a computer and then removed linux.

Just saying...

Difference is that you can buy kinect later on this year.

thricetold1668d ago

How brain dead can you be kid? Why are steadily bringing up what sony does when you dont even own their systems? How about you spend more time focusing on the company that's completely full of shit and keeps reversing what was SUPPOSED to ironclad mechanics for their system at the drop of a hat.

When will you sheeple wake up and see that they will say anything to get their foot in the door, but just as easily as they are changing things for the better, they can and will go right back to their original plans once they feel they have regained enough market share.

The more you guys go on trying to defend your purchase the more idiotic you guys look and sound. I dont feel sorry for any MS fan that gets burned in the very near future.

Hellsvacancy1668d ago

Wow, did you really just say that?

Just when you think people can't get any more stupider, XxExacutionerxX comes along

tee_bag2421667d ago

Tell me about it. XxExacutionerxX makes the most staunch MS fanboi blush with his. I've never seen such a cheerleader .

TheTwelve1669d ago

Microsoft lies lies lies

ziggurcat1668d ago


"Difference is that you can buy kinect later on this year."

No. The difference is that otherOS (something less than 1% of the user base actually used) was removed because hackers were using it to bypass security access controls, while MS unbundled kinect in order to boost sales.

With that being said, giving people the option to buy the xbone without kinect was the best possible move they could have made because choice is always better. I, among others, have been asking for this since before the console released.

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-Foxtrot1669d ago

"Major Nelson says the decision to unbundle Kinect from the Xbox One was all about increasing sales"


Aussiebeachbabe1669d ago

Been saying it all the time angelic. But you still get the grubs who press disagree. Good to have choices.

Utalkin2me1669d ago


All of the sudden its good to have choices, roflmao.

Notramagama1669d ago

Why are you giving them shit about it? You've been one of the main cry babies asking for it to be unbundled. You're a perfect example of the type of person who just wants to see MS in a negative light. That's what you'll always see...

Utalkin2me1669d ago

See someone cant take the heat. SMH

Notramagama1668d ago

What does that even mean in this context lol?

-Foxtrot1668d ago

I did, I'm very thankful for it and hopefully in the future when the price comes down a bit more I can finally buy one to play on the games I have been missing.

However them saying it's about choice when it's about sales, basically lying about it, is something I;m not going to agree on.

Aussiebeachbabe1668d ago

Don't worry Notra. There the ones with SMH because they can only afford one console. And your right the are a bunch of cry baby girl blouses. They should get a job pressing buttons because i'm sure they're good at going on to xbox and nintendo articles and pressing disagree.

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XiSasukeUchiha1669d ago

Ok, Kinect people be joyful!