PSLS MLB 14: The Show Review (PS4)

From PSLS:

"It's no secret that I love baseball. Some, including my wife, would say I'm obsessed with it. It's a sport of timing and patience that's sometimes about individual achievement, but mostly is about team work. It's a sport that you can play from a young age, but to make it to the big stage, requires a God given talent and a skillset like no other. Thankfully, for those of us without any serious baseball talent, Sony's development team at San Diego Studios has taken their award winning, flagship sports franchise to the next level. Welcome to the next generation of MLB: The Show."

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dbjj120881675d ago

MLB 14 hit a triple this year. I'm looking forward to next year when they can dedicate their resources entirely to the PS4 version and then port back to PS3 (if they need to).

T3mpr1x1675d ago

Looks great, but kinda makes me want to wait until next year's version!

ftwrthtx1675d ago

How can they possibly improve next year, other than adding eyelashes?