Borderlands 2 (Vita) Review | Playstation Universe

Timothy Nunes: Minor performance issues have never held back the enjoyment of delving into the Borderlands world, so having this snarky franchise in portable form would be like having a satirical concealed weapon at all times

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MadMax1642d ago

Game deserves nothing less than an 8! I rather have the game look just like the console and have some slight frame rate problems, than it look like shit and run at 60 fps! Runs just fine and looks fantastic!

This version must be experienced to appreciate.

Foraoise1642d ago

I agree. Ignorant review here. Probably only played the first 5 minutes.

Remy_S1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I really wish they would've revamped the controls to better suit the Vita. Killzone Mercenary set the perfect template for how a shooter should play on a handheld. If they would have set touch icons on the right side for switching weapons and the grenades (but let you hold it until you are ready to throw like in KZ) and well as letting button have dual functions (setting ∆ for melee and well as interacting with the environment/exiting entering vehicles, setting O for crounching while stationary and running while moving) would have made this game so much more fluid. Playing with the original model Vita is a pain because of the need for back touch inputs, I always rest my hands on the back and forcing myself to crabclaw the device is unweildy. Though the controls are currently a pain, but I hear that there is a new update incoming fixing a host of issues, hopefully it will iron out that framerate.

MadMax1640d ago

That would probably be my only complaint as well. You are right about that! My hand starts to kinda cramp and go numb after awhile of crab holding the Vita with this game.

KZ did not do this to me! A patch would be perfect.