Square Enix France Teases Final Fantasy Type-0 Based Announcement for E3

Square Enix France has recently teased on twitter about some upcoming Final Fantasy announcement on E3.

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majiebeast1667d ago

I have given up on this. Square Enix doesnt like money.

Godmars2901667d ago

Oddly enough under the argument that they'll sacrifice quality for money.

sinncross1667d ago

IT is something I don`t get about SE... I mean, Type 0 for PSV would actually sell well. We are not talking about money being thrown away here. Additionally, they could just release FF Dimensions before hand to try build up the FF fanbase after the FFXHD release.

No idea why they would be opposed to FFType 0 PSV release...

con4g231667d ago

if they dont want money, then atleast make it for sony,sony needs money
vita please

Cloudberry1667d ago

They wont announce Type-0 localization...

But instead a localization announcement of Final Fantasy Agito mobile game.

DemonChicken1667d ago

I'm still hoping for that agito and type-0 bundle on vita.

you want my money right SE?

iamtehpwn1667d ago

Since they've been considering an HD remaster of Final Fantasy 12, and have been done private Technical HD demonstrations of Type-0, I am thinking and hoping they'll do a Final Fantasy 12|Type-0 HD Remastered

nope1111667d ago

If Agito, i will flip a table. GIMMIE TYPE-0 ALREADY.

McScroggz1667d ago

Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Agito Collection for the Vita. Seriously Square Enix, please. PLEASE.

iamtehpwn1667d ago

Agito could come to Vita, but not so much in a collection. Agito is an on-going episodic game, so even though it's released, it's technically not completed yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.