Confirmed Facts, Leaked Documents and Educated Guesses about the Xbox E3 Media Briefing

The Xbox E3 event is June 9. Expect trailers and gameplay from Halo 5, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Gears of War 4 and more.

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This will be an interesting E3.

Bonkerz1401d ago

Just another fake leak, why would they should Watch dogs gameplay? Can't we all just agree that only MS and Sony know what they are going to show..

MasterCornholio1401d ago

I have my doubts on Gears of War 4 since Black Husk started working on the franchise a short while ago, however we will definitely see a Halo and COD at Microsoft's E3 conference. Pretty sure we will get treated to a real demo of Quantum Break as well.

One of my biggest questions is, who will nab No Mans Sky as an exclusive?

hello121401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Black Tusk confirmed the next gears is only in concept, prototype stage.

We not going to see gameplay footage this early. CGI maybe, but it will be a very short video, i would think?

WeAreLegion1401d ago

I'm hoping it's NOT an exclusive. They're such a small team. I want them to start out with as much of a fanbase as they can get. I do want Morpheus support for it though. ;)

XStation1401d ago

"I'm hoping it's NOT an exclusive".

Are you kidding?

WeAreLegion1401d ago

Did you read the rest of my comment? They need as much money as possible from this game.

vickysud1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

ITS FAKEEEEEE STOP IT GUYS!! its obvious Why would they show Watch Dogs Gameplay when its releasing in a week.

How come these articles get approved those who approve it don't they see it before.

people are so hyped about this E3 better not disappoint us Sony & MS.

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