‘Watch Dogs’ director explains why they didn’t want a massive world

XMNR: While “Watch Dogs” attempts to create a video game version of Chicago, it’s not quite as large and sprawling as other titles in the open-world action-adventure genre. Creative Director Jonathan Morin explained in an interview with Examiner that Ubisoft is going for density over pure world size.

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Muzikguy1666d ago

I don't like this interview. To me it just shows right away why the game was delayed. GTAV was bigger in scope and this game wouldn't compare. I hope because they went with "density over size" it impresses. I've heard stuff like that said before, usually as a cop out. Then said game fails to impress and everyone is like "see, told you so". All my opinion of course. Won't be long now and we can judge for ourselves!

user14394141666d ago

This game should have been a PS4 and PC exclusive. We not need last gen consoles and Xbone making the games downgrade. Hopefully Sony can secure THE DIVISION as an EXCLUSIVE.

3-4-51666d ago

GTA5 was one of my most anticipated games ever.

It was also possibly the most disappointed I've been in a game in 10+ years.

It was beyond weak.

Hopefully there is something "more" to this game.

Muzikguy1665d ago

I thought the game was "ok", but just that. I never went back and played after beating the story, and never played online. I think I was at 73% or something idk

Gohadouken1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

SO basically some people are mad because they arent outdoing and outperforming , one of the absolute top 5 gaming studio in the world ?? Ok .

I would be an issue if it did less than an average game and studio , but come on , you know it aint the case here

classic191666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

lol it really don't matter, the game will look good on all plats. i believe it was a console to console port instead of pc to console port. ubisoft see money trees, why only make this for new gen, when it's only around 12 million x1&ps4 combined?. 160 million 360&ps3 combined math bro fastest way to ball in--. o yeah the world size will be big enough after all, you will be driving cars&stuff alike..