Watch Dogs PS4 Retail Version Out In The Wild: User Shares Tons Of Screenshots/Videos

GearNuke: "It appears that one lucky individual has already got his hands on Watch Dogs PS4 retail version. He has taken some screenshots from the game along with plenty of off-screen videos."

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XiSasukeUchiha1191d ago

Damn this looks nice, and thanks for the leak sir!

Webbyy1191d ago

Yup..that water looks very real.. let alone this is an offscreen vid..damn!

brich2331191d ago

I'm guessing he cant swim.

Deividas1191d ago

Ubisoft has definitely mastered water, Ill give them that. Damn looking good overall though

1191d ago
CapellPro851191d ago

Looks epic. Midnight Launch here I come.

Bonkerz1191d ago

I never understood how places ship these games so early lol. This game doesnt come out for like 9 days why would they let it ship so early? On the other hand the game looks fantastic cant wait to get mine!

jayswolo1191d ago

You try shipping a game out to several countries, let alone all of the United States, in just a few days.

1191d ago
No_Limit1191d ago

Can't wait to get mine in about a week. This and Mario Kart 8 should hold me over till E3.