Six months on... the 10 Xbox One games you should own

It’s near on six months since the Xbox One released and TXH think it’s fair to say that the next generation Xbox has now got a decent range of games available for near enough everyone. It’s also pretty fair to say that between us, TXH have played the majority of them.

But which are TXH's favourites? Which are the ones to constantly go back to? Which games in fact, make up the ten best Xbox One games….The ones YOU should be playing and the ones YOU should own?

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incendy351610d ago

Very nice list! Hits a lot of my favorites. In order of my personal favorites I have it as follows:

1. Super Time Force
2. Child of Light
3. Max: Curse of Brotherhood
4. Forza 5
5. Project Spark
6. Ryse Son of Rome
7. Titanfall
8. Killer Instinct
9. Kinect Sports Rivals
10. Rayman Legends

Mr Pumblechook1610d ago

It is just the start of this generation so there aren't that many exclusives, but I would have focused on the games that are unique to Xbone. Perhaps just making a top five list.

Illusive_Man1610d ago

Love your list but I'd at DR3 and Strider HD.

Yomaster1609d ago

Agreed. DR3 was actually a really good game, especially once they fixed the companion app. I'd replace Ryse in this instance.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1610d ago

Gotta say great list!

One other I would would add is Plants vs Zombies, it's proving to be lots of fun, on offer in the games store atm too.

Bigpappy1610d ago

Don't know how Plants vs Zombies could be excluded. One of my favorites this gen

hello121610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Max: Curse of Brotherhood is free this June, for x box live users on xb1.

BallsEye1610d ago

DEAD RISING! Loving the game still after few months. Being able to enter almost every building (and they all look different, no copy paste)0 is really next-gen + tons of interior detail. Also best use of smartglass and kinect in a core game imo, pointing really helps!

rivencleft1610d ago

DR3 is definitely one of the biggest reasons I want to buy an Xbox One, plus most of those games on the list above.

creatchee1610d ago

I'd add Powerstar Golf. Very fun game.

neil3631609d ago

I think I'd agree with you on that one...if only it had some decent proper multiplayer.

Would be awesome then.

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SuicidalTendencies1610d ago

Most of the games mentioned you can get on last gen systems. So basically there isn't much worth a damn to own on the Xbone.

LogicStomper1610d ago

So you're saying that instead of buying a game on Xbox One/PS4, we should buy the 360/PS3 version?

Great. /s

SuicidalTendencies1610d ago

I'm saying for people who haven't bought a Xbone/PS4. If these games mentioned in the article are what's worth playing than that is sad. Considering most of them can be bought on systems(360/PS3) we already own.

ScareFactor1610d ago Show
Wikkid6661610d ago

Dead Rising 3 should be on the list too.

oKidUKo1610d ago

Glad to see Max on the list as it was a real pleasure to play. Some decent games missed out but I can't argue with that ten personally.

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