Watch Dogs - Five Collector's Editions For One Game? What? Fng What?

The game industry has officially shit itself.

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WorldGamer1645d ago

I would have to agree with his points. But the sad part is folks purchase this stuff, hence giving these companies the imression that it's okay to parce out content like this.

And to be fair to Ubisoft, they are not the only company parcing out content, but with the sheer number of different editions, they are sure in the running for the most egregious offenders at the moment.

These sorts of stunds really leave a bad taste in my mouth as a consumer. I hope folks speak with their wallet.

This is just my opinion, I just think this whole special and limited edition business is getting out of hand.

It's a shame too, this game really looks awesome, but I may have to think twice about it to be honest.

admiralvic1645d ago

I'll probably get a bunch of disagrees for this, but a lot of this argument really boils down to what you consider an "edition."

For instance, the chart that everyone is using in reference to this issue lists 9 different versions of the game. These include as follow...

1) Standard
2) GAME exclusive edition with 1 piece of bonus DLC
3) EU CE 1
4) EU Uplay CE
5) NA CE
6) EU CE 2
7) Digital DX
8) This is just 4 in digital form
9) A bundle (game + season pass, no discount)

If you divide them up, you come to 4 NA editions (1 limited to PC [according to the Ubisoft store, there is no PlayStation digital DX] and 1 limited to PlayStation) and like 7 in Europe (at least 1 PC exclusive and like 1 PlayStation exclusive). In a lot of ways the GAME edition is something of a reach, Uplay / Uplay digital DX are practically the same thing (1 is physical and the other is digital), plus the Uplay edition gives the Steelbook on its own (considering how many people love / collect steelbooks, I am sure they're happy they can buy 1 simple version and get the only part they care about) and the Gold edition is just a bundle (again, another stretch). If you were to subtract these from the total, it would be like 3 NA editions and like 4 EU editions. While this still might not sit right with people, I don't think it's terribly bad either. Especially since most of these choices were made to give people options, instead of limits (like how you SB collectors can just get the SB they love with the game separately). But like a lot of things in life, it all falls on the eye of the beholder.

-Foxtrot1645d ago

Is it so hard for devs who do this to have an ultra edition with EVERYTHING included...and I mean everything.

Long as people are a huge fan of the franchise or like what they see with the game I don't think they would mind paying a little bit extra for everything.

For example why is Aidans mask, cap separate from the statue.

Malphite1645d ago

ign did a video about this too. I think they said it were 7 editions. I don't really understand the appeal of those special editions personally. I get most games digitally anyway.

Don't get me wrong an artbook is cool and the OST may be nice to have in some cases but some content is just pointless imo. What would I do with a mask or an action figure?

I respect that people like to collect stuff but for me it's just dust collectors. I agree though that they should at least give the people an ultimate edition with everything included.

Maybe they think that people are crazy enough to purchase the game multiple times to get all the extras.

GusHasGas1645d ago

AC4 also had a gazillion Collector's Editions. I suppose this is Ubisoft's new thing.

admiralvic1645d ago

Like I posted in The Gentleman Gamer's article, this is actually a VERY common practice and has been for years, since different regions do different things (you would think after so many people complain about US PS+ vs EU PS+ they would get that regions work differently...) and in no way unique to Ubisoft or Watchdogs.

Some examples include...

Catherine - 3 (6 if you count alternate box art designs, which was a strong part of the Watch Dogs argument)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - 3 (god only knows if you count retailer editions, which like mentioned above, was a strong part of the Watch Dog argument)
Disgaea 4 - 4
God of War: A - 3 (though I believe the Asian edition is complete)
Mortal Kombat - 3
Soul Sacrifice Delta - 3

I mean, I could literally do this all day if I spent hours researching each regions collectors editions and listing just how many are out there, but thats not really productive. Sure it sucks for people looking for it all, but like I've said many times, it's far from uncommon for NA, EU and JP to have different special editions. Heck, it's far from uncommon for Japan to have 2 - 3 special editions itself.

GusHasGas1644d ago

I understand, I was simply pointing out that this odd tradition of selling tons of collector's editions for a game has become routine for Ubisoft.

Metallox1645d ago

Glad the Wii U has none of these limited editions xD

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