E3 2014: How Microsoft Could Sell Us On The Xbox One

Charles Singletary at The Koalition writes: Microsoft is behind Sony in the console war for this generation, plain and simple. Losing? It’s hard to be considered a loser when you make millions upon millions but for consumer’s sake let’s say yes, they are losing. E3, which is a strong way to gauge the direction of the big three consoles, is next month. A holiday for gamers at this point, many will theorize on what they will see at the event (Final Fantasy VII is coming, I just know it) and the companies will be graded on their performances.

This is the time where you gain new customers, retain current fans, and get back people you may have lost with previous moves. Yea, Microsoft, you can get some people back. But how?

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rbailey1667d ago

I would say more games consisting of both new and returning IPs is the answer. Phil Spencer understands what gamers want so I'm pretty sure he will announce a lot of stuff at E3 next month.

ats19921667d ago

Phil spencer said they are going to be announcing more stuff before E3 because there wasn't enough time to announce everything at E3. I am very excited to see what they have to show.

henriquecopes1667d ago

I think it's time to buy my xbox one!

Godmars2901667d ago

Announcing a diverse game library not dependent on online support/an XBL Gold account.

And by "diverse" something more than FPS or games with only realtime, FPS mechanics. Turn based and arcade titles with AAA production.

Bonkerz1667d ago

Im gonna be 100% honest, i am willing to guarantee that after E3 next month, you're gonna buy or want to buy an X1. Im not sure what they are announcing but its something big, MS is already taking a lot of slack, they are hyping this show up to be this AMAZING show for the gamers, and trust me they woulndt be doing it if they dont have amazing things planned as it would just create even more and more hate towards the X1.