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NextGenReviews: "Formerly a timed exclusive for Microsoft's original Xbox, Cel Damage was arguably the best of a moderately lame launch line-up; the original Halo obviously notwithstanding. A very straightforward and unambitious Mario Kart clone with a couple of fairly neat ideas in its boot, it provided absolutely as much entertainment as it promised to... and not a morsel more."

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incendy351673d ago

Wonder if it was a 13 year timed exclusive :D

GearSkiN1673d ago

That's a classic right there, ain't much of a type of game like this out there anymore, sad...

SonyWarrior1673d ago

i bought this thinking it was like twisted metal and its not this game sucks...

SaffronCurse1673d ago

Hope we see a twisted metal on Ps4.

Skate-AK1673d ago

Never got to play it. It is a very random game to re-release.