The Best PS4 Premium Headsets That Money Can Buy This Year

PS4Home: "Assuming that you’re ready to purchase a good, high-quality premium headset for your PS4, here are the models to be on the lookout for."

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Iceball20001669d ago

The pulse elites are amazing if you can still find them pick one up. Best headset for the price!

hotbeef1669d ago

Hoping they announced "platinum" headset soon as a premium model. That's the only reason I haven't jumped on the elites yet is I feel those will happen soon. I switch between audio technica m-50's and philips fidelio x1's into a turtle beach DSS for my audio now and it's incredible but I would like a pair with chat capabilities and wireless for online

Skate-AK1669d ago

Probably the Playstaion Gold headset. Heard good things.