Five Ideas To Help Save the Vita

On the eve of E3 2014, we take a look at the state of the PS Vita and offer some suggestions to help it stay relevant.

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Emanno1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

One of the reasons why Microsoft won't invest money in handheld consoles but what if I want one ? what if I don't wanna use controllers anymore. what if I want to use it anywhere ? I'll most likely never get that from Xbox, This is one of the reasons why I love Nintendo & Sony.

Sly-Lupin1673d ago

The one idea no one seems to think of: GAMES WILL SAVE THE VITA.

And the WiiU. And the PS4. For that matter.

Remy_S1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

How hard is it to just have 10 people from each major Sony studio to work on exclusive Vita games? I'm really getting fed up with old ports, badly handled ports especially. Also they are not saving money by not marketing, they are losing money and potential customers because only the hardcore gamer even knows this handheld exists.

gigoran1672d ago

Some of us think the vita is doing just fine. A lot of the people thinking the vita is in trouble think so because they read idiotic articles by uninformed fanboys and unprofessional worthless websites like... Kotaku. With the ps4 it's become an almost must have purchase for owners. It's become something else. It's not just a portable gaming device. It's an external viewer and controller for the ps4 that just happens to also function as the most powerful portable gaming device. Nuf said.

Soldierone1672d ago

When you gotta explain to people what a Vita is, then you know there is a marketing issue somewhere.

It's not just users doing it, it's employees at stores too. Wal-Mart is no help since their customer service is terrible, but elsewhere you constantly see GameStop employees answering the same question "what is this, a PSP?"

Ultr1672d ago

Yeah big mistake to not call it psp2
Like the wiiU.
Love ma Vita though

dodgemoose1672d ago

Never really given it any thought but I completely agree. With hindsight, it was defiantly a mistake leaving the PSP name behind.

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