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PS2Home: "The game had fantastic graphics and decent gameplay. If you love racing games then this is one to get!"

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TheROsingleB1666d ago

For sure. One of the most fun, great-looking arcade style racing games on the PS2.

solidboss071666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I disagree. It was too 'Americanised' with that annoying DJ ect. Burnout 2 Point of Impact was the series high point of the PS2 era. IMO.

Burnout 3 had a much superior Crash zone, though.

16bitNutritionist1666d ago

Nope, Burnout 3 was better....

Acquiescence1666d ago

Revenge after it was excellent too, but the series has taken a severe turn for the worse since then. Paradise just wasn't very good frankly, and the less said about that downloadable-only title the better.

I wish Burnout would make a comeback. It's long overdue.

weekev151665d ago

Id go as far to say as this is my favourite car game of all time. Sheer unadulterated fun.

rawshack1665d ago

Wish they could make more games like this

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