Boy, that Far Cry 4 cover seems a bit tasteless

GameZone's Joe Donato writes, "At first glance, the freshly-revealed cover for Far Cry 4 is certainly striking. It depicts a blindingly white, bleach-blonde-haired gentleman in an absurd suit, perched upon a decapitated statue dressed with guns. Under his grasp is a brown-skinned soldier, presumably under his employ, and presumably native to the game’s new Himalayan locale. There’s a clear visual here: that of a powerful, likely-crazy white guy controlling and oppressing the native people of a land that isn’t his. It’s surely intentional, and there’s probably a twist in mind for the game’s story, but this reveal still left me feeling a little grossed out."

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LostPotato1670d ago

See this is what happens when political correctness infects our hobby.I can't wait for the next site to post about this.

DanielGearSolid1669d ago

Can't do anything these days without somebody whining

Anthotis1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Are people surprised that the "big bad" is a blonde male?

That's been a trope created and perpetuated by a certain group since about the 60s.

tigertron1669d ago

but if it was the other way around I bet no one would have any problems.

abstractel1669d ago

Maybe they would have? The stereo type black bad guy? You can make anything into a racial issue. Sometimes there is racism intended because there are shitty people out there, and sometimes there's no racism intended.

WeAreLegion1669d ago

Many people act like the slavery of Africans in America was the only slavery that ever existed.

Zichu1669d ago


Slavery has been around for many centuries. Slavery isn't a racial thing at all, you can have slaves of your own race, just like Pharaoh's. They were the same race, yet they most likely never treated them like equals.

gano1669d ago ShowReplies(1)
Baka-akaB1669d ago

Boy , you bloggers got nothing to say , and are really at loss when there isnt a trailer to dissect .

King_of_Nothing1669d ago

Here we go again, all aboard the whambulance

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The story is too old to be commented.