Top 5 Most Enjoyable Mini Games In Final Fantasy

Twinfinite writes:

Everyone loves the Final Fantasy franchise, but there isn't enough love for the mini games. Check out my picks for the top 5 most enjoyable mini games in the series.

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Geobros1494d ago

Triple Triad was a nice reason to love FF VIII....

kalkano1494d ago

Last time I played 8, I finally gave Triple Triad a real chance, and it wasn't bad. But, I HATED what they did to it in 9. Thank God 9's version didn't give you anything useful, anyway.

My #1 would be Blitzball. I love sports, and I love turn-based RPGs. Blitzball is like a combination of the two.

Lucreto1494d ago

Loved Triple Triad everything except the Random rule.

Chocobo Hot and Cold was the best for me.

Dewitt1494d ago

Chocobo H&C, best mini game ever. Possibly the most frustrating as well.

Tetsujin1494d ago

If Square released a Triple Triad version on android/IOS I'd buy it. There's some beta a person worked on, and I did try it, however it wasn't the same.

Skate-AK1494d ago

Was the beta you tried on iOS? I just searched and there is one that got updated sometime in May.

Tetsujin1494d ago

It was on Android, I forgot the exact name but I played it about a year ago. I got sick of every 4th game the cards I won disappeared, and there was no option to remove the custom decks.

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