Will Anyone Buy Project Morpheus?

"How will the public take to Sony‘s new Project Morpheus for the PlayStation 4? After all, Sony must be spending a small fortune on development, so I’m sure they’re hoping for a decent success, but is this a smart move by Sony or not? Will many even buy Project Morpheus, or is it destined to flop?"

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GarrusVakarian1675d ago

I'd probably buy it for 'No Man's Sky' alone.

Depending on the price, of course.

ArchangelMike1675d ago

I'd buy it for Eve Valkyrie

ZodTheRipper1675d ago

I might buy it for GT7 ...and I will definately buy it if it supports Elder Scrolls 6 / Fallout 4 :D
I think these 2 franchises are made for VR.

morganfell1675d ago

I would preorder today if they slapped it up. Yes, to answer the question then yes I would certainly buy it.

user56695101675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

yeah imma buy ORift too for eve valkyrie, star citizen, the forest, horrors, games, movie interactive vr( ex spirited away), ton of vr patched games, original indie games, high resolution headset, better quality, better gfx in vr due to no hardware limitations.

zeee1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I'd buy it for sure. Would love to play bf4 on it. I was a huge supporter of the rift but I don't trust Facebook at all.

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lelo1675d ago

At this moment Oculus VR looks like a better choice with better prospects then Project Morpheus, but lets wait and see what comes out of Project Morpheus in the future.

Spotie1675d ago

What are the better prospects for OR?

ZodTheRipper1675d ago

Orly? PLease tell me about the prospects of both devices, I would love to know what you know.

vega2751675d ago

I agree Oculus looks to be the better vr in my opinion. I do hope you can get higher resolution on it. As for Morpheus I haven't seen anything that's worth getting it just yet and I'm not re-buying games again just to play it on the device

darthv721675d ago

hey now everyone, to be fair...before FB ever got involved with the OR it had quite the following with many seeing the potential for it possibly working with consoles like the ps4 and xb1.

Now obviously people have changed their tune since FB got involved but that doesnt detract from the initial potential. It clouds things but we really dont know what the future holds for the concept.

we can speculate but speculation is not factual until it happens.

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justSumDood1675d ago

THIS is the holy grail of gaming.

I plan on pre-ordering the very first day that option becomes available (regardless of price.)

abstractel1675d ago

I'll buy it as long as any decent game comes out for it. Will most likely get the Oculous Rift too.

specialguest1675d ago

It will be another niche product if Sony don't market it correctly and provide full support, just like the PS Move. Don't half-ass this Sony. TV ads are not enough. People need to try VR before they can become convinced that it's the next big thing.

Get this out in the wild and cross promote it on all kinds of events, not just at your local electronic stores. Make it compatible with all future 1st party games to lead the way, as well as develop games custom made for VR.

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Manic20141675d ago

Depending on Price, Will be a good buy.

ScareFactor1675d ago

If it is priced decently, I would say it will sell about 400k