High Scores Volume #2: Bastion

Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "High Scores is a series wherein Liam analyses/gushes about his favourite modern videogame soundtracks. His musical “qualifications” include a GCSE in Music, an A level in Music Technology and a song he wrote about that pirate lady from Dragon Age II which will never be released on the internet.

Art, music, acting, writing, combat. Rarely does a development studio nail so many elements of game design, but Supergiant Games did so with Bastion, the team’s debut title. At launch, one of the game’s most lauded aspects was its sound design, namely Logan Cunningham’s gravelly narration and Darren Korb’s eclectic score. Though I thoroughly enjoyed playing Bastion – it was far and away my favourite game on XBLA – it was only when the credits rolled and “Setting Sail, Coming Home” filled my ears that I knew I had just played something truly exceptional. Bastion‘s soundtrack is one that stays with you long after you’ve put the game down, bought the CD and even learned the songs on guitar; Bastion possesses a truly High Score."

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