Microsoft Just Short Changed Everyone Who Has Bought An Xbox One

Five million people around the world have bought an Xbox One so far and Microsoft has a message for you: SUCKERS!

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Majin-vegeta1642d ago

Everyone should have seen this coming from a mile away.

georgeenoob1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I personally enjoy Kinect, and know many others that do so as well. I can't imagine navigating my dashboard without using voice commands and the gestures are nice as well. Games like NFS integrating Kinect made the game much more enjoyable too.


Let me clarify. Going from app to app to game and navigating Netlix with simple voice commands is so convenient that I would hate going back to the traditional method.

curtis921642d ago

I mean really? You can't possibly imagine navigating your xb1 without kinect? Overplaying it a bit are ya?

GarrusVakarian1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

" I can't imagine navigating my dashboard without using voice commands"

It is literally no different to using your 360 with your controller. You can't imagine that? Put your favourite apps/games onto your pins on the left, and nothing will be more than a few pushes of the left stick and a button press away.

People exaggerate Kinect's convenience so much.

Eonjay1642d ago


Well you obviously like Kinect so this must suck for you. I remember yesterday there was an article about Rare and Kinect. I made the assumption that Microsoft would be using Rare to lead the charge and deliver on their promise of continuing to support Kinect. Its a chicken and egg paradox and always has been with Kinect.

GryestOfBluSkies1642d ago

it cool that you enjoy kinect for voice commands... but the thing is that voice commands can be done without the camera. a microphone would work just fine if they would implement it.

ocelot071642d ago

Never use my Kinect at all. Will be selling once the kinectless xb1 comes out. Navigating the dashboard with a controller is the way to go.

I don't see what Microsoft does not allow voice commands via headset like Sony does though.

ZodTheRipper1642d ago

"I personally enjoy Kinect, and know many others ..."
I stopped right there, at least 2 out of these 3 claims are lies. Also, if voice commands are your only argument for a 150$ camera then you have my pity. And don't tell me that you're enjoying the games for it, that would be the third lie.

Chevalier1642d ago


What has kinect done improve gaming? Killer app proving that it is good for games?! Right it's not being used in games and now publishers won't bother making exclusive kinect games as not every unit sold will have one any more.

k3rn3ll1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I love kinect even without games. I think I got my moneys worth with voice commands alone. So much easier. And I thought I would never use it when I bought it

HugoDrax1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I enjoy KINECT as well.

-Voice navigation is always neat
-I also use it for XBOX FITNESS, I'm very much in shape and have to be since my little brother is an NFL athlete. Can't have him trying to kick my ass when he visits me lol.

PS: My XBOX ONE literally just had a system update for those who own an XBOX ONE May 19th.

gaffyh1642d ago

@Lukas - George is an Xbox fanboy and he never had a 360 confirmed!

I agree with Majin-Vegeta, this was obvious from the moment PS4 was winning in US.

allastocata1642d ago

Kinect is great for those that like it. I use it all the time, great for navigating menus when you have a 1 year old that loves controllers. Also great for Skype... everyone that argues the value of a 100$ set top mic, 1080p web cam, and ir blaster should do a little research to see how much those components cost individually and a way to do integrate them into a home entertainment center is kind of a hassle. Don't call someone a liar for stating opinions... truth: I know lots of people that like kinect.

ger23961642d ago

You've got battered wife syndrome. No matter what they do, you'll be ok with it.

D-riders1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

you can do that with your smart T.V. kinect serves no purpose for games. Ive had a mic that could do that last generation. your trying to defend a product that the is stopping supporting. Also your talking about voice command, you have a mic.. did i miss something?
so how much does a webcam cost $20 adn since most tv can connect to the internet how much does that cost. Who phone has screen mirroring ( most). how much does an xbox one cost to do something that you can do on a wii u, ps3, xbox 360 , ps4 , or Tv. oh yeah 500 its the most expensive way to do what you are saying. Your trying to pitch kinect like it is cheaper and more cost effective than other means and its not. its a waste of $150 that it cost.
If kinect alone cost 100 or cheaper than why is the xbox one 500.its parts arent as expensive as the ps4 and its not as powerful??
you fanboys need to thing in reality, as an owner of 17 xbox 360's. M.s messed up the xbone, it sucks compared to the competition. Yes controlling your entertainment is cool with your voice. but its a novelty that wears off really fast when it doesnt work. I have a ps4 camera and have used it like twice. it works nice but at the same time its pointless.

Whiskeyjacked871642d ago

Bbbaaaahahahahahahahshahahshsh shsh I laugh at you!!!

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Magicite1642d ago

I totally doubt 5 million consumers have bought X1 already, 4.5m at best.

Dlacy13g1642d ago

@Majin-vegeta indeed, we all should have seen articles like this one coming from miles away.

It is funny watching the gaming community on this: " I don't want to be sold a Kinect, unbundle it and I will buy it!" .... "OMG, you took Kinect out of the box and ruined it now!".

darthv721642d ago

This is so true. We will see who the genuinely interested are when the sku releases. If it sells to those who said they would get one without kinect then great.

If it doesnt sell then they had no real interest to begin with but just wanted to be part of the conversation.

Kinect was an easy out for these gamers. now that its an option they will turn to some other excuse to shun the platform.

Chrischi19881642d ago

Can journalism be more biased? I really am no X1 guy, more a PC and Wii U guy, but really now, I hope some PS4 fans can at least see, why we hate PS4 fanboys, not fans, I mean fanboys, because only PS4 fanboys make these kind of statements and call it journalism afterwards...

AceBlazer131642d ago

Awww isn't that cute and totally unbiased. You hate PS4 fanboys for a couple articles? So tell me, which fanboys should you hate for Wii U has no games or Nintendo is doomed articles? And which fanboys should be hated for PC gaming is dying articles? Which fanboys should be hated for PS4 has no games articles?

Just accept that your biased against PlayStation or at least come up with a better reason for hating PlayStation fanboys, one that can't be applied to every fanboy.

You would probably believe PlayStation fanboys caused cancer or we wiped out the dinosaurs.

TheRedButterfly1642d ago

Good job Ace! You're proving his (and many other people's) points when they say that PS fanboys are the worst.

Stay classy!

MasterCornholio1642d ago

Especially after what happened with the first one and the elevated price the console because of it.

But they fixed that.


TheXgamerLive1642d ago

Only idiots would say that. Many of us love and use our kinects everyday.
Sadly a majority of gaming media is kids and often sony fans who are anti anything Xbox. MS shouldnt listen to them, instead get a general gamer opion of people pay the bills.

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jaredhart1642d ago

I hate when articles say the Xbox won last generation. Where do they get this from?

If they are talking about the US (as they probably are) the Wii won and the Xbox came in second.

URNightmare1642d ago

It helps them sleep better at night.

truefan11642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Which company do you think is happier.

Sony has only sold about 1 million more consoles than 360 after offering a GTA_V bundle (the best selling game ever). Lost over 30% of marketshare to MSFT

360 sold approximately 90 MILLION more games, plus if a VERY CONSERVATIVE estimate of 50% of 360 owners having an xbl subscription that's 40 MILLION + xbl users. Gained about 30% marketshare in only its second generation

On Topic, how did they shortchange XB1 users when the ones who are complaining, haven't even bought an XB1 yet. You don;t hear very many complaints from people who actually have an XB1.

IRetrouk1642d ago

What market share was lost? I hear this loads but no real explanation other than comparing past gens, which is silly, no two gens are ever the same plus gaming gets bigger every year so where do you get your numbers from? Although I do see what you are saying, you bloat your actual points with so much crap that people only see the crap.

SoapShoes1642d ago

If you want to brag about gaining 30% marketshare in only its second generation maybe you should look at Sony dominating from its first. You conveniently leave out that Microsoft has come in last for two gens.

LordMaim1642d ago

"Sony has only sold about 1 million more consoles than 360 after offering a GTA_V bundle (the best selling game ever)."

First of all, the PS3 was on the market for a year less time than the 360 and still managed to exceed its sales. Second of all, the GTA V bundle was put on the market two months before the release of the PS4. Pretty much everyone who wanted a last gen console already had theirs when the bundle was released, and those who didn't already were probably waiting for the next generation to be released instead.

So your numbers are more than a little skewed.

Ausbo1642d ago

I agree. I think it would have been more of a shortchange if they dropped it to $400 with Kinect. I own and Xbox one and everyone else knew what they were getting with it. I enjoy using my Kinect for voice commands. Though there aren't any games out for it that I want

Spotie1642d ago

I think the company that's not getting beat handily and is having to change policies left and right for a CHANCE at keeping up would be the happier one.

Chevalier1642d ago


Sony is doubling Xbone sales and you want to compare last gen sales which has what relevance to current sales? A lot of 360 customers are getting PS4's. If you want to bring up last then then tell us how many unique 360 owners their are after you subtract how many were resold 360's for RROD. Just because it's close in the U.S. doesn't change the fact they're losing in EVERY region currently and that the U.S. does NOT equal the world. Xbone is losing badly right now is a fact so nice try spinning.

sic_chops1642d ago

@trufan 360 had a year head start and a lower price point and still got beaten by the ps3. I like how you conveniently left that out. No wonder you only have one little bubble. I so wish you could reply.
On topic - it is a slap in the face to those people since it's not really gonna be supported as much now. All it is now is a weaker ps4. Kinect was supposed to be xbox one.

styferion1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

wow, the article is solely about MS, the post you replied is about Xbox and Wii, but somehow on your post the Wii is forgotten and Sony bashing came out of nowhere.
and almost at every Xbox article, whether it involved PS or not you almost always managed to mention them.
You must have some kind of mortal grudge to Sony or something huh.

ger23961642d ago

You can't complain if you willfully bought one.

D-riders1642d ago

lol truefan1
how many platforms did ms support. one
who was the happiest company. nintendo
who really made the most money last gen. nintendo.
how many generations have Ms won. none
If MS was so happy why is it that so many people are leaving complaining about the way the company do things.
why hasnt MS invested in expanding their libraries reach to risky genres. because they dont care about he culture just $.
dont get me wrong all companies care about $.
no fanboy crap here but your comments suggest that companies where doing so much greater than another company. The only company that did that was nintendo.
sure the ninentdo isnt doing well right now. but what company is in position to release a more powerful and better system at a cheaper price in the next year to year in a half. nintendo.
really what company should be happy right now is sony.
next year it may be nintendo. but Ms has had to make so many changes because they are shaking in their boots. IF sony has a great E3 then its a problem for MS.
If project Morpheus is a hit, MS is gonna fall behind this generation badly. What company out of the three are really hurting. Nintendo who prints money from the ds and will release a new system soon. Sony who cant produce enough systems, but company is bleeding money. or MS who is facing pressure from stock holders to figure out a way to spin off the division.

The thing is those numbers to you posted sound great 90million more games sold. but to MS who makes ten times that in software that isnt crap. so a as a stock holder where do you want your pebbles being thrown, in a crowded pool with minimal margin or a large pond where you control the space.
Sony is structuring their company to be profitable. however these companies are multi billion dollar companies, trying to say this company is doing better than this one because of their gaming division is just plain dumb because the only one that make money from their gaming company only you didnt even mention and that is nintendo. and when you look at the highest selling games of all time where the moeny is made who dominates that list

BitbyDeath1642d ago

MS is the only one that has been thinking about selling the gaming division so I don't know who is the happiest of the three but I can sure tell you who is the unhappiest.

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ion531642d ago

Actually, despite the rough start, PlayStation came second. Only by a couple of million.

IRetrouk1642d ago

Last gen is not over yet, all 3 consoles are still being sold, support is a different matter though, when all 3 stop getting produced is when we will see who really sold what.

1642d ago
XiSasukeUchiha1642d ago

Pretty much this was bound to come people!

TearsOfARapper1642d ago

I bought it with Kinect and I don't feel short changed at all despite the fact I'm not a fan of the voice/motion controls. Thanks for putting words in my mouth though.

RebelWAC1642d ago

Now that I respect. What the Xbox one + the Kinect can do is still up to the devs cause we all (should)know that it has some power hidden behind all the gimmicks such as voice commands and motion gestures. I just can´t respect how MS have introduced and reintroduced the console again and again this gen, even though I am a little bit more open to buy a Xbox One now if I happen to see a must have exclusive title on the platform.