As Killzone Shadow Fall gets co-op, Guerrilla plots future on PS4

Guerrilla Games is busy working on a significant four-player co-op expansion to its PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone Shadow Fall - but it's also busy working on its secret next effort on the console.

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JoGam1494d ago

Im really loving the multiplayer. Can't wait for this co-op DLC.

iKenny1494d ago

I agree. I decided to play yesterday and I was going for hours.

mikeslemonade1494d ago

The next game is a rpg. Going to be awesome know it's going to be PS4 exclusive.

N4g_null1493d ago

I really hope you are right mike. I want them to try and make an adventure game. Fps are getting stale.

user56695101494d ago

So is this local coop ? It weird that the biggest perk consoles havent been in a game for the longest. Seriously whats the point of consoles being able to connect 4 controllers when hardly any games have local coop.

I pretty sure people are going to make excuses. Like usual. I'm sure local coop is going to be rare this gen, seeing how fans are showing dev that gfx matter mor than anything

rivencleft1494d ago

I loved the campaign, but didn't touch the multiplayer, may have to give it a try, 4 player co-op will be awesome.

Elvis-201494d ago

i actually bought the game 2 days ago and holy shit, I am loving it!!!

iKenny1493d ago

Its not your average shooter and personally I hate the Killzone series but this one holds a special place in my heart. I love the constant updates- friendly matches- support from players- almost everything! I wish however this had an option to veiw in 3rd person- that would be so epic.

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mdluffy1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I'm still hoping for them too show the RPG at e3, but after reading this it seems less likely. (But it read like eurogamer is guessing it)

specialguest1494d ago

I'm glad Guerilla's next project is not another KZ. The KZ series was good, but the story was very plain. Let's see what they can do with a new IP that might be an open-world game.

Baccra171494d ago

KZ has a fantastic story, it's just that GG refuses to use it/put it into the games.

KillerBanana71494d ago

I'm interested to see what Guerrilla does next :)If it's really the rumoured open-world RPG, then consider me excited!!!! I hope it's revealed at E3 but after reading this article, I'm not too sure.

MonsterChef1494d ago

I felt that killzone was never used to its full potential. It had investing character design and I think that guerrilla picked the losing faction to narrate its stories around they should have picked the helgans, would have lead to more interesting stories

N4g_null1493d ago

You are so right. Love the idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.