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Xbox One Is Now Just A Good Ol' Gaming Console

After the big "Kinect-Free" SKU announcement by Microsoft, the Xbox One can be viewed as a different device, something more closer to gamers. iLLGaming Editor Anikait Makkar writes about his thoughts on Xbox One's market placing and effects after the big move. (Kinect, Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

BenqMagician  +   375d ago
IT's a good move for future customers as far as the title is concerned "Xbox One Is Now Just A Good Ol' Gaming Console" that's what gamers want. Also the worries that MS would put time and development in Kinect only games are gone. Also the fear of someone watching you through Kinect is gone as well. The fact is all MS has done since last years e3 too this e3 is fix the Xbox image.
TheNotoriousNiceGuy  +   375d ago
It's a good ol secondary gaming console .
DeadRabbits  +   374d ago
Its the first piece of electronic equipment in history with multiple personalities and an identity complex!
adorie  +   374d ago
It's time for Dr. Phil to help the Xbox One, then?
AceBlazer13  +   374d ago
Seriously though I think this is a record for the fastest price decrease, from $500-$400 in 6 months.
GiggMan  +   375d ago
I don't know if I respect Microsoft more or less for changing their vision. I admit I don't have an X1 yet but damn MS, what happened to sticking to you guns? I could have sworn MS said they would never unbundle Kinect and that it was an integral part of the system. It may have only been a rumor but I thought they said the system wouldn't work without it.

Sometimes you got to stick to your guns if you have a vision. Microsoft (Xbox at least) is letting negativity dictate all of their moves. You got to admit that less than a year in, the Xbox One is going in a completely different direction than when it was first announced.

Yeah the always online, 24 hour check ins, and Kinect aren't my cup of tea but I would have eventually bought one anyway...
Bathyj  +   374d ago
I respect them less cos they have no guts and you can't trust anything they say, yet ironically, I'm more likely to get an Xbone now as a secondary console. The gaming world is strange place.
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Why o why  +   374d ago
It is, definitely, stranger thing is, there were so many defenders, defending the policies that even ms has now acknowledged were pants.

The 180's have definitely increased the x1's appeal. I don't subscribe to the wrong n strong attitude. Ms standing firm with their plans would of scuppered the x1's growth worst than it is already.. Nobel? Maybe, but not very business savvy at all.
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GodGinrai  +   374d ago
"I don't subscribe to the wrong n strong attitude. Ms standing firm with their plans would of scuppered the x1's growth worst than it is already.. Nobel? Maybe, but not very business savvy at all."

I could not agree more, with all due , the xbox brand cant live off "respect" from people who dont want to buy it because of kinect in the box.
SirBradders  +   374d ago
That's fanboys for you my friend Sony or MS could tell them they should pay 100 a month just because they should and they would say it's amazing.
bestofthebest  +   374d ago
It's better off this way they are giving people a choice most were complaining that they were forced to buy kinect when they did not want it. I think they made the right decision
Ripsta7th  +   374d ago
Even with kinect I was seeing it as a
Gaming machine because of all the games they've released
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TheSaint  +   374d ago
Sure it's 'good', just a shame the competition is 'great'.
No_Limit  +   374d ago
Nothing wrong with that, it is all about the games!
masterfox  +   374d ago
"Xbox One Is Now Just A huge ass Gaming Console"

RamboRabbi  +   374d ago
It is pretty big tbf I saw it in a display case in game and it almost looks bigger than my pc, The ps4 was bigger than expected also but it's very slim all things considered.
Rimeskeem  +   374d ago
What made it different from the PS4 and PC was the kinect but now without it, it just doesn't feel right.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   374d ago
Its funny, gaming is the thing I use my X1 the least for right now. Maybe because ice played nearly every game released to death.
I use it for other media functions st the moment.
iistuii  +   374d ago
Thy still need to drop the price of the stand alone console or bundle a couple of games IMO. The stand alone is £349.99 in UK. Now it's a smarter move to buy the Kinect version which is £379.99 which also comes with Titanfall. A game & Kinect for under £30.
5eriously  +   374d ago
Whats good about it without it's special Identity the Kinect?
MasterCornholio  +   374d ago
I guess if you have your friends on Xbox Live, like Microsoft exclusives or the cable box features of the console are reasons to get one.

I might like playstation a lot and I might have no reasons to get an Xbox One but I can see why people would want one.
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MasterCornholio  +   374d ago
I'm happy that it has a lower price now because that means that the console will start to sell better.

GundalfDeGrej  +   374d ago
People have been complaining about being forced to use the Kinect since day one. Some people might be disappointed with the recent news but I bet most people are happy with the option of not having to buy it.
Sloth-Eater  +   374d ago
I'll say it again. Xbox should have stuck to it's original vision. The Kinect is good for navigation and not much else. I was even considering it as a second console, and I still may...but it will be from eBay. I have lost any faith in this company, and no amount of reversals will change my view. They tried to impose very strict policies. They lied A LOT, and have caved in and people are crediting them for it, as if it's for the gamers.

nucky64  +   374d ago
i find it interesting that on the gamestop door i went by yesterday - it said: "xbox one now only 399". it did NOT mention that it no longer has kinect with this sku. it's significant because the ad makes it sound like a 100 dollar price cut...which it isn't.

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