10 of the Best Video Game Stories

MWEB GameZone writes: "When video games first blinked into existence story wasn't really a priority. In fact you were lucky if you got a page and a half of plot in the game's instruction manual (remember those?).
Nowadays, we see strong narratives more and more in gaming, to the point that some games almost forgo the gaming part altogether. Here are ten example of games that are worth playing for their powerful plots alone. Spoiler Free."

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HanCilliers1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Really awesome choices, the only thing I would add is an Indie game entry like To the Moon

DesVader1372d ago

Two of my favourites in that list - Bioshock (best twist ever) and SWTOR (levelling doesn't have to be a grind, the stories are awesome).

plut0nash1372d ago

Bioshock had subtlety, and the environment told you more than the narrative did. You've done an interesting mix of narrative and environmental storytelling. Also, points granted for KOTOR :) ME2 was also a good choice over ME3. Nice one.

lonelyplayer1372d ago

IMHO heavy rain should be added to the list.

lord zaid1372d ago

You're probably right about that. But what would I remove??

Spotie1372d ago

Not a bad list at all.