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Titanfall cuts out two PC playlists - for our own good? Unacceptable.

"Respawn had several options when they realised that PC Titanfall players weren't playing much Capture The Flag or Pilot Hunter, leading to long wait times. They could have rebalanced the gameplay, perhaps, to make things more engaging. They could have released some quirky mode-specific burn cards to tempt us onto the playlists. They could have let us browse server lists on the PC version.

However, they eventually decided on Order 66: cutting both playlists altogether unless you want to take your chances in Variety Pack mode." (PC, TitanFall)

jay2  +   100d ago
Well, well well. Charge full price for a multiplayer game, remove 2 modes and keep charging the same price, nice.
Blues Cowboy  +   100d ago
Heh, you're not wrong.

The problem is that it's *too soon* to cut the playlists, not the cutting itself. If Titanfall had loads more playlists in six months time, it would be fine, but they should be providing as many options as possible right now, not cutting them down.

Especially since, as you say, the PC version hasn't been discounted on Origin! (agree vote added, btw)

Mind you, remember that the modes can still be played in Variety Pack... but you'll have to wait for them to come up.
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Jdoki  +   100d ago
This isn't about what EA are charging, it's about how sensible it is to remove the modes.

If it is intended to drive people to the Variety mode, then I can understand it to an extent.

However, my first reaction was 'What's the point'.

I think it's an interesting indicator of how popular TitanFall will be on PC. I have no idea what the player numbers are, but if they are cutting modes already, then it's not a good sign for the long term.

I really like the game - but I am now wondering if the terrible matchmaking is down to poor code, or the lack of players to make properly balanced teams.
Blues Cowboy  +   100d ago
Yeah, the matchmaking seems to be getting progressively worse, more unbalanced and longer since launch - it should be getting better surely?
FriedGoat  +   100d ago
They are cutting playlists because there aren't enough people playing. Everyone I know who bought it for PC stopped playing a while ago, it's a pretty average FPS for PC gamers.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   100d ago
It is not just on the PC where player numbers are falling...X1 numbers are down as well...Maybe it is not the next big thing...
Erudito87  +   100d ago
they charged more than full price ! it was £50 on origin(normal pc games are no more than £30)
bumnut  +   99d ago
You paid Origin full retail price?
Erudito87  +   99d ago
Nope i bought a code off ebay but know people who bought into the hype and paid full retail
Volkama  +   99d ago
Would be a little odd if they refunded a bit of money on account of removed game modes....
IanVanCheese  +   100d ago
No one was playing them...just saying.
Erudito87  +   100d ago
but why take away choice from a game that was released pretty barebones
mezati99  +   100d ago
F*ck it. They better be offering refunds then, I paid for a game that was already short on variety and now they are cutting more modes out? that's bull.
ger2396  +   100d ago
It's ea, what do you expect.
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   100d ago
If people would actually play these modes then they would not have been cut.

No use wasting servers and matchmaking when no one is using them.
FriedGoat  +   100d ago
So much for the cloud eh? The way they go on about it, you'd think they wouldn't have to free up resources.
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Blues Cowboy  +   100d ago
Aye, you'd think that CTF and Titan Hunter players could be matchmade with Variety Pack players, even if it's just for single games.
styferion  +   99d ago
It's not about people playing the modes or not, It's about features that're included in the $60 pricetag upfront, only to be taken out later.

so much for the thousands dedicated servers..
Summons75  +   100d ago
So the game is even less than it was...shame shame.
AKissFromDaddy  +   100d ago
I only play Attrition.
I don't play any other game types because they're not fun to me. Sadly, I stopped playing because TitanFall is boring.

However, Respawn sucks. From March 11 to today(May 19th), 69 days later, there isn't other game modes worth playing, in my opinion.

Gun Master, like in Battlefield 3, would still be fun if implemented. So would Sabotage and Demolition, like in Modern Warfare 2. Or Sharpshooter from Black Ops II. Even Free-for-All with 6 players and AI sounds fun.

Nevertheless, what game types would you implement in TitanFall?
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Mrgolden79  +   100d ago
Agnes: Unacceptable!
palaeomerus  +   100d ago
This is the same kind of crap that Bungie pulled with Reach and 343i pulled with 4. This is going to piss off players. Eliminating niche popularity modes is usually a bad idea.
Master-H  +   100d ago
EA's gonna EA.
Milesprowers  +   100d ago
I don't play EA titles anymore, i am not a cow to be milked.

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