Review of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends PC [KKEnt]

Kuma Wrote: Dynasty Warriors takes you the gamer on an epic historic journey that makes you fit into an interactive martial arts movie. This comes to mind when I hear the English dialogue from the characters which showcase some Dub situations or it could of been some lag. Either way the dialogue I can let slide since I grew up with dubbed martial arts movies and that horrible voice acting was kind of nostalgic if that makes any sense. In story mode you can also team up with a buddy to take on the co-op feature so you can paved through history together. This can be accessed either online or offline, so picture your comrades in battle wisely.

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isthe1438d ago

the large mobs look interesting and the attacks look cool, but they couldn't have given her more than one catch phrase?

Spotie1438d ago

I prefer her voice from the older games, but at least she's got hey chakram back!

isthe1437d ago

yeah, I'm fine with the voice, but I could imagine that catch phrase getting hella annoying. True, I thought, at least from what it looked like, the weapons were interchangeable?

SavageKuma1438d ago

well the game is very repetitive in many ways, but I am still having fun.

isthe1437d ago

well yeah it looks like fun, I probably will end up getting it, the repetitive catch phrase just irks me

Spotie1437d ago

They are, and not just with a bow either! Makes me a bit more excited!

SavageKuma1437d ago

I am having a lot of fun with Wu Family.