The 10 Best New Indie Game Trailers

Grab It has compiled a selection of the latest trailers from a range of indie developers. The site itself is iPad focused, but a lot of these games are multiformat.

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SlappingOysters1399d ago

So much variety - that Table Tennis game looks fricking awesome!

CoyoteHunter1399d ago

Haha agreed. I didn't even realise that a Table Tennis game was missing from my life until now!

Cookiebex1398d ago

I love table tennis IRL. This trailer is epic (for table tennis)and now I must play! Looks like it lends itself to the touch model quite well too.

Realplaya1399d ago

This would be a perfect Wii U game since it supports Wii Motes.

Cookiebex1398d ago

I think the Biosis trailer is lurvely. Nice tunes too. Anyone played it yet?

CoyoteHunter1398d ago

Not yet. But it's definitely up that on my list. I'm actually really keen to try out Darklands and Kiwanuka though.

Cookiebex1398d ago

Super Adventure Mega Quest might end up stealing some of my precious hours of life on this earth I thinks.