Xbox One May Firmware Update Improves The Speed Of Notifications And In-Game Achievements

GearNuke: "Xbox One May firmware update is now available for download and as more users are starting to get it, they are reporting the new improvements that they saw with the new firmware update."

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Ctiboi20101399d ago

Always good to hear, I'm loving these monthly updates for the Xbox. I'm not seeing any downside lol. I just wish they would bring back the ability to hear game chat through both your speakers and through your headset. But great job Microsoft, keep the updates coming

Septic1399d ago

Yeah the speed of the interface definitely needs to be improved. Good news.

Aussiebeachbabe1399d ago

Bring on those updates. Now for external Hdd support for next month.

SITH1399d ago

The update does absolutely nothing to fix game recordings. I am seeing recordings not recording despite my HDD being empty of all old recorded gameplay. I have seen corrupted recordings that skip during playback, and random recording times from 1 second, to one minute! I even had a recording say, -1 minute and 27 seconds! I am in the beta preview program, and I already have informed Microsoft like six times about this, I was told they are looking into it. Numerous others are reporting the same issues along with error codes.

B1uBurneR1399d ago

Um that's why it's called beta... they should find a better way to screen testers.

SITH1399d ago

First off high-speed, this recording issue has been going on for a while. As in last year. It is not a recent issue. Second, the last update is almost a four days OUT of beta that will explain your disagrees. Run along now.

creatchee1399d ago


Have you tried deleting and redownloading Upload Studio? I was having a problem where sound was muted in my recordings, but after I did that, it was fine. Maybe it will work for you.

SITH1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

No, I have not. I will definitely do that. Thanks. But I solved the sound not recording issue which I had also. I did it by pushing and holding the power button on the xbox one, then unplugging the power cable for one minute. But I will definitely delete upload and reinstall it.

Revolt131399d ago

Microsoft is on it when it comes to updates

Tedakin1399d ago

I haven't had the recording problem. I have had the issue with notifications lagging or taking forever. Like in game I'd say Record That and the notification wouldn't pop up till way later.......

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The story is too old to be commented.