The Big Interview: Crytek Talks About CryEngine, DX12, Cloud And Optimizing Games For New Consoles

GamingBolt speaks to Crytek's US Engine Business Development Manager Sean Tracy to know all about CryEngine and the latest games development trends.

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Supporter1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

That was a pretty sweet interview. Nice read

@disagree ... or not.

EZMickey1074d ago

Crytek seems to have a far greater focus on lighting and shading and overall rendering capabilities with their CryEngine than Unreal, which seems to be more powerful where ease of use and overall flexibility and resourcefulness is concerned. I know UE4 also has great rendering potential too, but I really wanna see complex systems in this new genration of games waaay more than I want to see advanced rendering.

You guys can keep your silly resolution gate disputes. Bring me more in depth and dynamic worlds.

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DoesUs1074d ago

Oh look, another Gamingbolt article making ANOTHER technical article. If only they knew anything about what they're actually printing. Why not get some nice game previews, interviews ANYTHING other than this stuff.

NovusTerminus1074d ago

Well they interviewed someone from Crytek, who DOES have a clue what he is talking about.

Say what you will about gameplay, but Crytek knows their graphics.

SITH1074d ago

What are you talking about? It is* an interview, not gaming bolts personal opinion!

DoesUs1074d ago

Interviews about the games themselves NOT the tech side of development.

Volkama1074d ago

I'll be first in line to slate Gamingbolt for their usual flamewar tripe, but this one is actually a full and interesting interview.

Decent questions, full answers. We get the full context and everything.

The chap answering the questions handles the technical side very elequently, considering I don't think he is actually technical himself. And it's nice to see the big guns are embracing GPU Compute.

Anonagrog1074d ago

... and yet I primarily frequent this site for a run-down of the latest tech interviews above all else.

"To each his own", as the saying goes.

The great thing about a pooled news site like this is people can pick and choose what they care to read about. If you don't like technical articles just ignore them.

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