Weekly Xbox One Deals: Titanfall / Forza 5 / Ryse $40, Xbox One + Kinect $430, Many Games $30 & more

Xbox One deals and sales at Microsoft Store, Amazon, Groupon, Frys, Gamefly, Newegg, eBay and Dell.

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corvusmd1463d ago

Oh I never thought of this...with the announcement of a kinect-less XB1 on it's way, companies may be doing crazy deals on XB1's with Kinect included to fill the lull until the new Sku releases.

liamn1463d ago

They should sell this console for around $375. Titanfall bundle was being sold for $450. Frys is selling Kinect console for $429.99. Microsoft should sell the kinect-less console for around $375.

jacobvogel1463d ago

That's a great deal basically you get the Kinect for $30.

edgarohickman1463d ago

NewEgg also had Titanfall + Forza 5 bundle for $450 before.

lebr0n1463d ago

I hope Amazon drops the Kinect console prices soon.

andrewsimons1463d ago

Microsoft Had No Choice but to Yank Kinect From Xbox One

choujij1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Just curious (and I'm not trying to be mean), but if the Titanfall Kinect bundle @ $450 wasn't exactly breaking records, what makes you think a $399 Kinectless SKU is going to fix the problem?

meatysausage1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

People will always be drawn to a cheaper price. Its weird but all people see is the intial 399$ rather than a potential value pack which may be 50$ more. This is common with casuals and such, a lower price is always going to sell better.

Thats probably why the xboxs 'value' approach to 499 (even though in some cases you got 2 games and a kinect) did much worse than sonys straight out 399

0P-Tigrex1463d ago

Yup. $399 will sell better than $450 (w/Kinect and a game). This price drop after E3 will definitely boost sales.

Jehayland1463d ago

My thought is that people were still holding a grudge against MS for pricing it at $500 in order to force a camera on everyone.

I personally like Kinect, but a lot of people prejudged it. A new interface needs time for developers to figure out how to incorporate it.

The Kinectless option is definitely going to attract some people who were just determined not to get a camera because they assumed it sucked. IMO MS should have sold the console with Kinect for $400 and just ate the cost for a little bit. They could make it up in software, especially by still ensuring that the install base all had Kinect.

danny8181463d ago

Frys has a sale= 29th year in business. But best buy and amazon may pricematch

Jag-T10001463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Toys R US has a sale too! 2 xbox one games for $70. Includes Titanfall, Dead Rising, Forza, Ryze, Fifa and a couple of others.

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