Ubisoft warns of "false" Watch_Dogs reviews

Ubisoft: "Hackers have attempted to infiltrate our system and post false reviews of Watch Dogs. All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27_"

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Alexious1225d ago

That website seemed a bit fishy.

PraxxtorCruel1225d ago

Something tells me they're hiding something...

Revolver_X_1225d ago

Got your tinfoil hat I see. Good for you.

iamnsuperman1225d ago

I think they mean the ones who are doing the review on their new Nexus :P

badboy7761225d ago

I didn't take it serious when I saw that it was the Xbox One Review Build.

rodiabloalmeida1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

It seems people can be this dumb to not see the obvious irony on the message in the tweet. "Hackers have attempted to infiltrate our system and post false reviews". Geez... *facepalm

And to not know shows how dumb and alienated you people are, because it's one of the biggest sites about (mainly PC) hardware on the web.

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lelo1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Reviews only allowed on release day. That's not a good sign.
Most of the times it means the game is not as good as gamers expect it to be.

seanpitt231225d ago

Yeah naughtydog with TLOU sent early copies way in advance because they knew how good there game was. Devs who send review copies out late and take embargoes off on release day are hiding something and it's usually not for the good.

ginganinja1225d ago

Nowadays, with online taking up such a sizeable portion of games, a lot of outlets will hold off reviewing games fully until they can test that part out anyway.
Game sites are becoming wary of giving a game a great score and then it turns out the online portion is broken and they're made to look like fools.

Perjoss1225d ago

I stopped pre ordering games a while back. Review scores or gtfo.

Sony3601225d ago

So does holding back reviews until after people have bought the game.

DAS6921225d ago

Ohhhhh the irony!!! D: lol

ITPython1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

With all the negative press WD has gotten over the past 6 months or so (worst I have seen in a long time for a hyped up AAA game), I am not surprised they are lifting the embargo on the 27th.

I think we all have our suspicions that the majority of big-time reviewers (Like IGN) are going to rip this game to shreds. And Ubi obviously knows this as well and are limiting the damage done as much as possible by keeping reviewers mouths shut until the launch day (after many have already gotten the game from pre-ordering etc).

While I am certainly not expecting a GOTY experience, I hope whatever flaws the game has that it is still really fun. But realistically, it is probably one of those games best waited on until it drops to around $40 or so.

ikkokucrisis1225d ago

Not a good sign if all reviews are coming out on release day.

Usually all good games get early reviews on big name websites like IGN, Gamespot, etc

Just sayin...

callahan091225d ago

Wasn't GTAV a release-day embargo for the reviews, too? And that is one of the highest reviewed games of all time. So the release-day embargo doesn't always mean the developer thinks the reviews are going to be less than desired.

frostypants1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Yet GTA V kind of sucked. It's like they paid for their reviews AND embargoed. Maybe they weren't positive that the payola would work out for them.

callahan091224d ago

I'm not really a big GTA guy, so I haven't actually played GTAV, but it's kinda hard to argue with those reviews, I think. Payola, I dunno... That's an awful lot of corruption, pretty much universally, every publication across the board. I have a hard time believing that's the only reason it scored so well.

Kidmyst1224d ago

A game about hacking and there are "supposedly hackers" trying to release bad reviews? I smell a marketing ploy

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Alex_Boro1225d ago

Release day embargo? This doesn't sound good.

Angels37851225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

A lot of games do this...

Doesn't mean anything really...

Sometimes it's used to hide bad scores on a game they know is bad and other times the game turns out great!.

The last of us and gta V had review embargos

Alex_Boro1225d ago

Yeah it does. Usually games with release day embargos get bad or reviews that are lower than gamers expectations. Thats why you see games like Mario kart 8 or the last of us get embargoes weeks before release

Angels37851225d ago

The point is that that stigma you have is not universal...

In fact it's split pretty evenly.

Rockefellow1225d ago

A lot of games may do it, but you're avoiding his well-founded suspicion. A lot of publishers push out their review copies weeks early and allow for reviews to be posted far ahead of launch, in order to promote buzz and excitement ahead of launch. AAA games are particularly well-known for this-- look at Mario Kart 8. It proves that the devs and pubs are confident in their project.

The fact that Ubisoft has faced nigh-endless scrutiny as of late over Watch_Dogs for various reasons, combined with their launch date embargo, means that some of that criticism could be well-founded.

I'm still keeping my preorder reagardless because I'm confident that it will live up to my expectations, even if it doesn't meet the lofty expectations Ubisoft set for themselves with boisterous statements and trailers from two years ago outstripping footage from today. I'm buying it to have fun, which is pretty much certain-- but if they're afraid of a Metacritic score below 85 or whatever arbitrary number, then they're just being careful here. Launch week sales are the most important for many third-party games.

This is tough for people waiting on reviews because it could potentially mean a less than stellar experience, but for all of us who don't have inflated expectations, this should still be a good enough game to kill some time with in between releases.

Patrick_pk441225d ago

Nope. Usually reviews held to the day of release or after receive bad reviews. It seems that something had to be wrong, or they don't want bad publicity and want more sales. TLOU never did this because it was truly an amazing game.

Sly-Lupin1225d ago

By itself, no, it doesn't mean anything these days.

But issuing a declaration that the opinions expressed in every review that breaks the embargo are invalid DOES indicate something.

Something bad.

Of course, no one should have had any expectations for WatchDogs, given it's an UbiSoft title being rushed out to fill the game-vacuum on the new consoles. These kinds of games are never all that good.

Baccra171225d ago

I'd agree with you if Ubi wasn't warning of "false" reviews. When you are already doing damage control something is wrong.

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DFogz1225d ago

Just about every single big release lately has had a release day embargo. It doesn't mean anything.
It's the new big thing...all the games are doing it.

Alex_Boro1225d ago

It does mean something. It shows Ubisoft isnt fully confident of their game.

Revolver_X_1225d ago

GTAV had a release day embargo. Its a sales strategy. Watch Dogs is looking like a niche title to begin with. Its not for everyone, I've personally never seen a AAA new Ip get so much hate. I think ppl just genuinely dont like WHAT it is.

Sly-Lupin1225d ago


Review embargoes are NOT a sales strategy.
They exist to make sure reviewers have the time to adequately review each game, because otherwise they'd be rushing through titles--or not playing them at all, as is still often the case with Musou games--in order to get their reviews published "first."

Games media is all about hits--and the first reviews for a game generate more traffic than the ones that come days or weeks later.

(And it should be noted that this review has "backfired" by may sites using review scores to generate false controversy--by either validating or invalidating hype--and generate hits thusly).

Release-day embargoes still chiefly exist for that reason, but also for two other, lesser reasons:

1) To prevent reviewers from spoiling key aspects of the game (IE Assassins Creed's dual temporality).

2) To prevent/minimize any potential damage to pre-order sales.

You could argue that this last reason makes release-day embargoes fishy, and you'd kind of be right, but the real problem it indicates is not the embargo, but the fact of big publishers focusing on release-week sales at the expense of all the sales after and its effect on the development process.

NukaCola1225d ago

It's not about the review as much as it's from the info leaking out and ruining it for everyone. Look at INFAMOUS SS. They gave out specific footage of the game to allow early release of the reviews without revealing anything spoilery. Maybe Ubi doesn't want the whole game on the internet tomorrow so they blanket a no show policy.

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UbiquitousClam1225d ago

Release day embargo's are very common and nothing to worry about.

When a developer doesn't send out copies to game sites to be reviewed, thats when you can start worrying.

Crazay1225d ago

Not at all a big deal or something to read into about. I've had many games that were on Release Day embargos. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show while we wait for the real posts to hit.

pompombrum1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

With the way gamers can be and the internet, if they tried to pull a Ryse, it would almost certainly effect their reputation with future releases. Regardless, I still think the game is going to score well and even if it doesn't, I'm sure I'll get my money's worth.

monkey481225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Embargos depend on the company. Ubisoft has release day embargo on their games. Last game was child of light and how did that turn out? One of the best games this year, same thing with The South Park game, it had release day embargo and it was critically acclaimed. So release day embargo doesn't necessarily mean the game is going to be bad.

KnownAsEpic1225d ago

South Park did this. and it was an awesome game

paidadvertiser1225d ago

Is this really considered the equivalent of prohibiting reviews entirely? I don't understand how the mechanisms in your mind work and I don't want to but don't you suppose there would need to first be a logical goal in delaying something that's inevitable for it to mean anything bad for them? If you pre-ordered the game that means you don't care about reviews, if you didn't pre-order that means you're waiting 'til you can read reviews, don't want to buy it right away, or aren't planning to purchase at all (that being the weird one since you're following news about it.) I can't think of any benefit or victim of the scheme they have, in your mind, of only having people find out what journalists thought, later in the month instead of sooner. If money for video games means so much to you, then it's your job to look after it, not the companies you give it to.

moomoo3191225d ago

Are people still on this??? Almost every major game has a release day embargo it has nothing to do with quality.

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NYC_Gamer1225d ago

"All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27"

I wonder why reviews are held back until launch day?

Angels37851225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Why is everyone acting like this never happens????

I'm not like a watchdogs fanboy or anything but games good and bad have had review embargoes...

Last of us and gta v just to name a few

DarkLord10031225d ago

That's true - and good ones usually lift 3-5 days before the Release. Bad the day the game itself is released..

Angels37851225d ago

Well no... That's just the stigma...

Arkham origins had an embargo AFTER release and gta V reviews were also day of release

Sevir1225d ago

People on here think Every game big gets the reviews days before, but Most publishers have review embargos down to the day of release. Titan Fall, Infamous Second Son, Thief and even GTAV had release day embargoes.

Killzone SF and a few other PS4 exclusive had embargoes that went 2 days before the launch. It's a publishers choice, not a cover up because they aren't confident, some release reviews as a marketing ploy.

I honestly can't believe the hate and controversy fanboys have for this game, and they are just the vocal minority. A tear drop in an ocean.

Clown_Syndr0me1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Always happens now. This and lack of playable demos makes me very wary about all new games.

Its almost like they think the reviews and demos will hurt their sales so they don't bother. If all games had demos and early reviews it would push the devs to make the games better.

Jack_Reacher1225d ago

Yeah were the hell are all the game demos.use to look forward to trying something out. Personally dont think there is a better way to build the hype.

Think it stinks nowadays. Bring back the demos.

Hk85karlsson1225d ago

Thats not a good sign. Why would you hold back on good PR? Maybe if the PR is going to scream = DOWNGRADE!?

Martinineter1225d ago

Gameplay is more important than graphics, downgrade or not, it is still a good game. Everybody is making a big deal of it, before they even played it themselves. If you like to play it on a 1080p and 60fps and everything on its best settings, buy a kickass gaming PC and stop bitching. Ubisoft dragged as much performance out of the consoles as possible, better gameplay instead of just some eyecandy in a faur tradeoff they made. You may disagree, but this is my opinion.

Sam Fisher1225d ago

Or ubi held back for wd2 and 3 to look better than wd1, why give us everything in one shot

Hk85karlsson1225d ago

I´m not sure why I can´t respond to: Martinineter?

So what´s you´re answer to MGS GZ? That game looks amazing. Ya´ll talk about gameplay/citys density,
But still, I haven´t seen any density apart from a couple of cars or a couple of people in that city.

Metal Gear Solid "The Phantom Pain" will be 1080p 30FPS with all the shading tech, lighting tech (last iteration was of the hook).

Why can´t Ubisoft make it happen?

Summons751225d ago

To reduce spoiler fests some reviews tend to be...

For major games I'd rather have day one embargos, in the case of Mario Kart....well that really doesn't have a story, kinda hard to spoil a racing game. This is like Rockstar not allowing let's plays or streams of their newest games so then it can reduce spoilers for those who want the surprise then after a month or two they don't care.

SaturdayNightBeaver1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Valid as "paid" maybe? Whats wrong with reviews if some people got their game few days earlier and stated their honest opinions online? NO , Ubi says , they are fake and wrong. You are to listen to IGN and no one else. Only thing FAKE here is Ubisoft response. They are scared for their profit, seems even they don't believe the game is that good.

Baccra171225d ago

I'd like "valid review" to be defined so we know exactly what it means, cause something tells me anyone not in the pocket of Ubi, meaning any reviewer that doesn't work for some gaming site but is instead a common person, opinion and views are invalid and void as far as Ubi is concerned.

admiralvic1225d ago

I am pretty sure valid simply means that Ubisoft believes no review posted before May 27th will be based off the full game and thus irrelevant. It's a fair point, since games don't always get leaked / sold before release dates and even if a site gets a copy early, odds are they will be under an embargo and can't post it anyway.

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Activemessiah1225d ago

What about the false trailer you showed us at E3 2012, Ubisoft?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1225d ago

I wouldn't say it's 'false' I mean, you can get that quality on pc. So yeah, unless they said that it was the ps4/x1 versions. Which they didn't.

DarkLord10031225d ago

It's weird - developers and publishers who are believe in their game usually lift the embargo 3-5 days before the Release.. I don't think that is a good sign tbh